3 Million Spins

PokerStars wants to compete with PartyPoker

Recently, PartyPoker and Bwin introduced $5 spins with a maximum price of  1 Million USD and a short time later,  50$ spins where you can even win 2 Million USD

PokerStars does not want to let it sit on its own and now offers all players  40$ spins with a maximum prize of  3 Million USD. Of course, that sounds awesome at the first look but if you take a closer look, it’s easy to see why one should rather play the spins at PartyPoker/Bwin and not at PokerStars.

The probabilities

Since the launch of Spin & Gos in 2015, PokerStars made a total of 22 millionaires at the 100-1,000$ spins . Incidentally, the chance here is 1: 1,000,000. But what about the new 40$ spins and the $ 3 million jackpot?

As you can see in the table below, the chance to hit the $ 3 million jackpot is 1 in 20,000,000. Yes, exactly 1 to 20 million! To make this easier for you to understand: The chance of being hit by lightning in a thunderstorm is 1: 6,000,000; the chance to have 6 right in the lottery is about 1: 15.000.000.

So the chance of being hit by lightning or having 6 right in the lottery is much higher than hitting the 3 million level spin & go at PokerStars.

It sounds good but if you take a closer look then the euphoria is very limited.

Prices Probabilities
$3.000.000 (plus je $100.000 für Platz 2 und 3) 1 aus 20.000.000
$10.000 (plus je $1.000 für Platz 2 und 3) 400 aus 20.000.000
$5.000 (plus je $500 für Platz 2 und 3) 1.000 aus 20.000.000
$1.000 15.000 aus 20.000.000
$400 120.000 aus 20.000.000
$240 1.400.000 aus 20.000.000
$160 4.273.901 aus 20.000.000
$80 14.189.698 aus 20.000.000

Rakeback at the Spins

As a casual casual player who plays 2-3 hours a month, the issue of rakeback does not really matter. But if you often try your luck with the spins or even play them regularly, a good rakeback deal is an absolute must. The variance at the spins is high and in the long run these are without rakeback, especially at the higher limits only very difficult to beat

The fact that PokerStars has been running a zero rakeback strategy for a long time is not really a secret.

PartyPoker and Bwin both offer a weekly rakeback program which gives players up to 40% rakeback. With the PartyPoker Diamond Status and the VIP Diamond Elite Club, even 50-60% rakeback is possible for the high rollers

And that’s not all. There’s also an extra rakeback from YourPokerDream through our exclusive promotions like the 25k Main Rake Race, or through our special VIP Rakeback Deals.

So if you play the spins, donate no money if you play without a rakeback.

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