Partypoker launched Spins tournaments dedicated to POWERFEST


This month, partypoker provides the opportunity to turn $50 into a $25,500 POWERFEST ticket with the special edition of SPINS currently running with new speed up, three-handed Sit, and Go games. The promo offer will last until the 14th April when the POWERFEST ends up.

Once you join the poker table, the SPINS multiplier will determine the size of the prize pool that could be boosted up to 510 times. Traditionally, to make the poker events affordable for all kinds of players with different size of bankroll, partypoker offers two buy-in levels: $5 and $50 – both provides the chance to win POWERFEST tickets for the significant event with the record prize pool in several minutes.

Below is the breakdown of the possible prizes to win as well as the probability for each of them:

$5 buy-in

Multiplier 1st Prize Frequency in 1M Games
2 $10 Cash 794351
4 $20 Cash 98348
6.6 $33 Powerfest Ticket 100000
11 $55 Powerfest Ticket 5000
21.8 $109 Powerfest Ticket 2000
64 $320 Powerfest Ticket 300
106 $530 Powerfest Ticket 1

$50 buy-in

POWERFEST SPINS – $50 -5% Rake
Multiplier 1st Prize Frequency in 1M Games
2 $100 Cash 799203
4 $200 Cash 165596
10.6 $530 Powerfest Ticket 30000
21 $1,050 Powerfest Ticket 3500
104.0 $5,200 Powerfest Ticket 1500
206 $10,300 Powerfest Ticket 200
510 $25,500 Powerfest Ticket 1

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· Published 29.03.2019 · last updated 03.06.2019

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