Dear Community,

we would like to inform you that we have noticed some stats issues at PartyPoker Sweden for February 2019. We already have reported it to PartyPoker and they are on it to check it. Because of this you do not see your cash bonuses for february inside your YPD Account yet.

It will be added as soon as all numbers are double checked  and corrected.

Info: Just a reminder that you keep it in mind, that we reduce the % of all VIP Deals immediatly when PartyPoker launch a normal cashback program for swedish players or pay any extra rakeback with a special deal/offer.

Why YPD can offer for swedish players not the same deals/promotions as for all other PartyPoker Player?

A lot of players have asked us this question. That’s easy to explain because Sweden is now a regulated market the same like for example Spain,France or Belgium. That means there is a fix amount of tax which are deducted from the gross rake.

We as affiliate receive our commission from the netrake of a player. As more costs are deducted from the gross rake/fees like: Tax, Rakeback, First Deposit Bonus,Processing Charges, Promotions as less commission we receive.

Thats why YPD can offer for regulated markets unfortunately not the same deals as for unregulated markets. And this is also the reason why we have the possibility to offer some better deals/promotions as long as swedish players receive no extra rakeback from PartyPoker because our commission is a bit higher. As soon as this change our commissions change as well and we have to adjust all deals.

Update 14.03.2019

As you all know we are not talking arround and we communicate always very clear and direct. Unfortunately we have received in the beginning wrong information from PartyPoker regarding PartyPoker Sweden. Most probably because nobody understand whats going on since the swedish market is regulated.

We have asked for a detailed explanation whats going on with the stats and received only the following answer: “Hi – as previously explained, TAX in Sweden is not a % of the rake generated by the player but it’s calculated based on bet-win.”

That make no sense at all for us but there is nothing we can do. Once again we have asked to clarify this situation because nothing is understandable at this moment.

Please note:

We regret that all PartyPoker Sweden Deals are immediatly stopped and if you decide to continue to play you will have no access to any of our promotions and play with 0% Rakeback.

It is absolutly impossible to offer any promotion for swedish players as long as nobody know how all is calculated. It seems that we as affiliate can even make minus if the calculation is so as PartyPoker says.


Player rakes 1.000$ and win 5.000$. So as we understand it from PartyPoker the tax calculation would be: 1.000$ gross rake+5.000$ winnings= 6.000$  Tax:1.080$(18%)

This sounds insane but it seems it is really so. That would explain why PartyPoker offers for every country a normal cashback program except of Sweden!

Of course we try to find an acceptable solution for the february activity of all swedish players at PartyPoker and update you as possible. Thanks for your understanding!

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