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As you probably know, as of March 1st, 2019 new rules were introduced on PokerStars regarding third-party software and statistics tools. This is why our statistics package Venom [PokerStars] was developed. It fully complies with the new PokerStars regulations, but you can also use it in any other room.

We can highlight the following features and advantages of this HUD:

– It’s an ergonomic HUD with a flexible and tailored approach to its contents. The system of tabs in the HUD makes many basic stats readily available, which helps you make your decision quickly. Besides, everyone has a different point of view when it comes to HUDs: some like to display a lot of info in the HUD, while others prefer it compact and concise with as few stats as possible. That is why there are 6 HUDs in the Venom [PokerStars] package and even more will be added later on;

– All the stats are well-structured and quickly accessible. It is often the case that with a limited timebank at the table a player has little time to open more than one pop-up, that is why all the pop-ups are created in such a way that after opening a pop-up we immediately get all the relevant information and there is no need to look anywhere else;

– The pop-ups are very informative. The first Venom package contains 24 pop-ups, where you can find all the necessary information. What is more, new pop-ups are already being developed, based on our clients’ requests. We always welcome your feedback and willingly take it into account.

The package consists of 6 HUDs:

Venom Tabs — A large tabbed HUD, it takes up a lot of space but contains rich info.

Venom no_Tabs — the same HUD without tabs

Venom Tabs_mini — a more compact version of the same HUD.

Venom Tabs + Hotkey — HUD with hotkeys for calling postflop stats

Venom[PS] Tabs v2 — just like Venom Tabs, except that all the tabs are in the preflop block

Venom_Light [PS] Tabs and Venom_Light_v2 [PS]_Tabs — a simplified version of Venom Tabs

Venom_Old_school [PS] — a version with only 14 stats. However, it has a bonus of quick pop-up access, allowing you to free up as much space at the table as possible.

You can find the full description of all stats on the POKERPOPUP website.

Turning to pop-ups, they give you a lot of information, and they are getting even better: in new updates we will offer you several functions for analyzing the player pool using Range Research.

All the popups are separated into groups in the main pop-up: stats for a small sample, main stats, positional stats. They are all bound to respective HUD stats.

The pop-ups for a small sample include: Total


The main stats are contained in the default pop-ups: 3bet/vs3bet, Сbet/vs Cbet etc. It will take us too long to describe all the pop-ups, that’s why we will briefly go through the main ones.

A specific situation can be dealt with using only one pop-up, and there is no need to open up a myriad of various windows looking for bits and pieces of information. Let’s say we are in the BTN, СО openraises, and we open the pop-up “Raiser OOP”:

Inside it we see the block “Total” for the preflop,

and in the additional СО tab — only information for this position.

Below it we can see all the different lines our opponent uses when playing OOP as preflop raiser,

his sizings and subsequent reactions,

How he plays in multiway pots and on the river, depending on the pot size and bet size,

as well as the additional block where we have the main lines, W$SD after using these lines and using these lines against regulars and against Hero.

The pop-ups for Raiser IP, as well as for Caller IP/Caller OOP look the same way.

Let’s stick to the same situation:

We are on BTN, СО openraises, and we want to 3bet. Open up the pop-up “vs3bet”:

and we see the preflop stats. The main feature of this pop-up is visualizing our opponent’s full range by labeling various actions with respective colors. On the screenshot below, look at СО OOP, or COvsBTN. You will see RFI, Foldto3bet, Call3bet, 4bet etc. all in one window, allowing you to estimate your opponent’s range as quickly as possible.

If the opponent calls our 3bet, we already have his postflop stats in the same pop- up, filtered by 3bet pot only, as caller IP or OOP

The same logic is used for 3bet,4bet,vs4bet, SQ, vsSQ pop-ups.

The Steal and vsSteal pop-ups are split on the postflop into BBvsSB and BlindsvsBTN.

Positional pop-ups are quite unusual, let’s consider the СО. General pop-up:

The left side is useful when СО openraises: we have concise info on preflop:

and postflop, with СОvsBL(IP) in one column and СОvsBTN(OOP) in the other, as well as a switch for these positions for the situation when our opponent 3bets and calls,

whereas the right side is useful when СО calls us or 3bets us preflop.

Again, we have a preflop and a postflop block, as caller or as 3better in СО.

Such pop-ups are bound to RFI of the respective position in the HUD and are always reality available.

As already mentioned, when pop-ups are structured in such a way, you don’t have to lose any time on looking for necessary information, but you can focus on interpreting it and taking correct logical decisions.

While developing the HUD, we did our best to give you as much information as possible, taking into account the new strict PokerStars regulations concerning third-party software. Feel free to make use of this opportunity while it’s available, and don’t waste your EV!

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