Every poker player loves starting out with more chips and stacks and in the 2019 World Series of Poker (WSOP), there will be better schedules for this year’s edition as announced. This is in accordance to celebrate the 50th anniversary of WSOP; the better value involves lower buy-in tournaments, nine total online events, and also a Short Deck Championship.

It is also necessary to know that highlight of this year’s WSOP event is more chips for poker players.

On Feb 27th the WSOP unveiled the structures for all the 89 events on the 2019 schedule, and it as assured all poker players of an increased value all through the event.

However, the WSOP VP of Corporate Communications Seth Palansky stated: “We are confident players will find the structures the best value they have ever seen at the WSOP”

Better Chips and Stacks This Year

WSOP has shown no signs of stopping due to the fact that it has changed the structure of all the 89 events with increasing starting stacks and introducing the big blind ante (BBA).

Palansky stated:Jack Effel and his team wanted to make sure that these weren’t smoke and mirror changes like a lot of places do. Jack made sure that all the changes resulted in a deeper play at all stages of the tournament. This gives everyone more comfort in Day 1 of the tournament as well as room to play as the tournament progresses at key later stages.”

No doubt, more chips doesn’t always assure more worth, which the WSOP know very well.

There have been many critics concerning the structures and Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler which is one of the reviewers of the industry stated that the structure is “great” also giving them praise for “”more chips and more play throughout.”

Kessler stated:Limit mixed players get last years’ structures or better but have more starting chips, which makes late reg a much better value.”

This year’s WSOP tournament is a little bit different from the rest and this is due to the number of smaller no-limit, thus, making WSOP very easy to reach by low-limit poker players. Kessler also pointed out that even low-end occasions on tournaments programs are often accompanied by fast structures.

The smaller no-limits are way more competitive this year with deeper starting stacks and more play throughout.”

Together with enticing low-limit players, this type of event has the ability to attract professionals that know the importance of the price points. The price point for this year is way different than last year’s/

The Super Turbo Bounty Still Remains

At the time when lots of the events on this year’s schedule have been twisted for deeper play per popular request, not everybody has the time to dedicate to poker tournament that end in 4 or more days. On this view, WSOP aims to add fast-structured events to contain the segment of players looking for a fast play.

Palansky stated:The Super Turbo Bounty events were real popular and we do have a segment of players who have shorter time to play poker, thus those folks will find several offerings that allow them to compete for a bracelet. The whole Deepstack bracelet series is another example of this too. These still offer tremendous value — better than anything else in the marketplace — but with the pace to complete in 2/3 days.”

The deep-stacks Palansky involves six live events that are coming up with a $600 or $800 buy-ins. These events will also offer lots of plays with a 2 or 3-day period and day two blinds are always longer than day one blinds to make-up for more deeper play in the event.

Palansky also added this concerning the 2019 WSOP event:Like everything at the WSOP, we offer something for everyone and we are sure there are several events that everyone can find and enjoy and get a great experience competing in. There is no doubt that anyone who comes to Las Vegas this summer will find the best value for their buck and the biggest prize pools up for grabs at the 50th Annual World Series of Poker at the Rio.”

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