Lots of poker platforms today are taking great interest on Short-Deck and PartPoker is the latest to join the train. It is important to know that Short-Deck hold’em is now the second-biggest online poker games in the world today.

However, in a press release issued on March 27th by PartyPoker declared that Short-Deck games are now available on its site for every poker player.

PartyPoker Adds Short-Deck

Short-Deck – sometimes called six-plus hold’em – is a popular trend in poker and what it does is that it takes away cards’ deuces through five from the deck, thus, producing a 36-card deck. It is also necessary to know that Short-Deck follows the same pattern as Texas hold’em, but a little bit dissimilar.

The addition Short-Deck by PartPoker will obey the rules and patterns of Triton Super High Roller Series. Which implies that antes will replace blinds and that a double ante must only come from the player playing the game. However, flushes will beat full house; the games will be dispersed in heads-up, six-max, eight-max, and full tables.

Short-Deck is a popular choice for high-stake players due to the large-initial pots and also the strong hands. Short-Deck is also very predominant today due to the structure of the antes.

Timofey Kuznetsov a poker pro acknowledged the addition of Short-Deck to PartyPoker for every poker player. He said: “[It’s] the most action-packed poker game out there,” he said. “Enough of boring waiting and folding. Here you can play half the cards dealt in a cash game and still do just fine. I’m a big fan of the format (my ante is posted even while writing this), and can’t wait to play my first hand on partypoker. See you at the tables.”

Is PartyPoker’s Short-Deck Format Going South?

There is a new turn: PartyPoker added a new twist to its Short-Deck format, which makes the whole routine a little bit different from other Short-deck games.

Poker players have the ability to perform what we refer to as “partial removal of funds” on PartyPoker. This will occur in situations where the player has attained a firm stack level.

Short-Deck games are only played with antes; stacks are calculated on that criteria.

A directive by PartyPoker reads:When the feature is enabled, players can select the number of antes they wish to reduce their stack to from the table via the funds’ removal tab. Here, players will clearly see the minimum table balance that can be held by a player who wishes to remove money from the table.”

For instance, if a player begins with 100 antes and he/she levels up to 400 antes on a table that only allows 300 antes, then it is possible for the same player to take off 100 antes and continue the game with 300 antes.

However, this model known as “going south” is virtually not in line with the rules of online poker. The rules of online poker games are against players running away with winnings and then coming back to the table with the same stakes – popularly referred to as ratholing.

PartPoker notes to players that the “partial removal of funds” is applicable to Short-Deck tables. Probably, PartPoker wants to shield poker players from losing a lot of money.

The Adoption of Short-Deck

The inception of Short-Deck began several years back, but its mass adoption and popularity on big poker platforms only began last year.

Short-Deck is the main routine on Triton Series – no doubt about that – since lots of players there have familarised themselves with the game.

The World Series of Poker shocked the poker industry by including a $10,000 Short-Deck event to its program.

PartyPoker took a big step in January this year by introducing the six-plus hold’em to be one of its bonus offerings to its players.

Overall, despite PartyPoker’s plans to begin Short-Deck in no time, the company states that it is still fully committed to the six-plus hold’em.

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