If bad players would never hit and be lucky sometimes, the poker market would be dead overnight

Poker is a game enjoyed by many. Just like other beautiful games such as tennis and golf, poker is competitive and every player stands the chance to make money worth thousands – if not millions.

However, a notable poker player: Lee Jones, recently explained the beauty of poker and stated that players shouldn’t complain when other players play bad versus them and win. He, however, added that the game needs these bad players to stick around; that’s what makes the game beautiful and interesting.

Jones added: “if players never hit when they played bad, poker would die overnight.”

Again considering the game of tennis and also chess, it is evident that if you played bad than your opponent, you stand a big chance of losing. Bad players in games like tennis may play more than 5 games and then lose; they may decide not to play again. No wonder that there are little cash prizes for amateurs.

When it comes to poker, lots of amateur players tend to play against the superior ones on a “level playing field.” It is called a “level playing field” due to the fact that superior players don’t give any quarter to the weaker ones.

But one question comes to the mind and that is this: Why will an amateur poker player want to play against a top professional and in the process risking millions of dollars?

Sometimes, these bad players may play buy-ins for $400 and win their professional counterparts; then cash out for $2000 and you might wonder how come?

Most bad players may not even know they have played the game badly. Probably, they may never have learnt the game of poker in different ways. Maybe these bad players may know the rules but not the strategies. No doubts, we can conclude by saying poker a game of luck is whether being a pro or not.

With all these, it is certain that if these bad players don’t win and cash out once they play, then poker might be boring. Professional players will always be winning the bad once all the time, which is not good for the game. Players such as Phil Galfond and his ranks would definitely end up winning all the prize monies in the game, which is not healthy for the game at large.

Jones in his words concluded with this:It’s not easy to be equanimous when you play great, the other guy plays the hand as badly as possible, but he wins. I don’t know if this will help you, but I try to put myself in the winner’s shoes. He may feel “lucky” for a moment. Maybe he had a rotten day at work and this is the first good thing that’s happened. One of the beauties of poker is that on every hand, somebody wins the pot and is happy. Happy can be hard to come by in our world, so learn to celebrate that person’s joy, even when it comes to our financial cost.”

Finally, poker is not just a game for the lucky ones, it is a game that is fair to everyone – both the strong and the weak – which makes the game a more interesting one.

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· Published 28.04.2019 · last updated 05.07.2019

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