The question of whether online poker is dead is found online

One of the most exciting questions on the internet is if online poker is dead or alive, and basically, this article is going to give the right answer and more insights.

In different internet forums you will often heear theories like ” Poker is dead” or ” No money anymore in poker”.  Some very frustrated people also say that online poker is rigged. Of course it is really easy to say that poker is dead or that it is impossible to beat the game.

But the people who are making such comments are always the same.

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Two types of players are involved in this question:

  • The Loosing Player/Fish(A player who always lose)

It’s always easier for us humans to blame anyone or any circumstances, rather than ourselves. So why admit to yourself that you may play too weak or have other deficits if you can say “poker is dead”? Such players prefer to go into all sorts of forums that they find on the net and spread their theory of how dead the game is and how strong other players are so that you cannot make any more profit. Very often, the same players also say that the poker game is manipulated and fraud.

Of course, it’s utterly accurate that unskilled players have improved – when compared to 10 years ago. The fact that tables are filled with top poker sharks is complete nonsense – but it depends a bit on the limits. One naturally finds more fishes on the small limits than on the high stakes. Even at the higher limits, there are still enough players that bring money into the system

However, if you want to play the higher limits profitably in the long term, then you have to invest a little time on your own game to become a better player. Nothing comes from being alone. It is so in football, tennis, as well as in poker.

  • The beginner

As a beginner, it makes sense to ask this question: Does it makes sense to invest time on online poker and what are the prospects in making profits. Unfortunately, players are often deterred by the players who spread their strange theories.

Let’s take a look at these facts:

  • Firstly, it is essential to note that we have a significant amount of professional players in our community that play profitable poker for many years. These, of course, always amuse the community when other players say that online poker is dead, while they request another cashout. Online poker has over 50% of winning players.
  • Poker will never be dead. There will always be gamblers spending their money on machines, horses, in the casinos, sports betting, or just in poker. That was already in the Wild West, it is now like that and will still be like that in 100 years.
  • The gambling market is growing annually. The European online poker market alone currently has a gross turnover of around 2 billion USD in 2019. Moreover, here, we are only talking about Europe!

To this question: “Is Online Poker Dead?” No, online poker is not dead and will never be gone!

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