Natural8 Good Game Series 2: More Than $13.8 Million Paid Out To Winners

Natural8 ended the Good Game Series 2 and more than $13.8 million in prizes were dispersed to the winning players of the event. The number of players that participated in the event was huge, with many bankrolls increased.

As expected, the second version lived out to the anticipations. It is essential to know that there were about 61,453 entries in the 157 events. Additionally, the series guaranteed $10,000,000. The biggest pay-out was a grand $475,311.28 and 24 prizes; more than $50,000 were paid to the winners. It was 15 days of non-stop action.

The Highlights of the Event

$250 GGS Championship Event

The Good Game series had lots of players, and it had a winner that was crowned in the $250 GGS Championship Event.

All through the five opening breakouts, the event enticed more than 2,000 players across the globe, resulting in a prize pool of about $596,620. The second day of the game saw 397 players and a Russian player named “CaptainTapok” claimed the huge prize of $86,261 at the end of the day.  The runner up of the event was a player from Hungary by name Andras “PokerBluff1” Nemeth; this player claimed the $62,022 prize in the $250 GGS Championship Event.

GGS #151: $750K GTD (Super High Roller)

The biggest guaranteed tournament of the series reached effected its pledge when about 56 players were involved which resulted in a $1,372,000 prize pool.

A player from Hungary named PokerBluff1” won the most significant portion of the prize pool after emerging successful and went home with a total sum of $475,311.

Another player from Canada, by name “AlfredDelia,” was the runner up of the event, and he went home with the total sum of $290,483. The third place of this section of the event was gotten by a player named HectorHermano,” who took home $209,699.

Two other players went home with a six-figure prize in the event: Chun Lei Zhou” and Canada’s LuckyChewFan” with pay-outs $151,381 and $109,282 respectively.

GGS #155: $200K GTD (Super High Roller)

Another highlight of the event is in the Super High Roller and no doubts, the game exceeded lots of expectations. The GGS #155: $200K GTD [Super High Roller] game distributed $266,000 among the top 15 finishers, and each member of the 9-handed tables went away with more than $7,000 as prize money.

In this section of the event, a Canadian player named “OtterPop” won the game as he triumphed over more than 112 fields of players, thus, securing $60,921 for his strides and leaving “nbvcxz” to collect the $45,872 consolation prize.

A Malaysian player named “Michael Soyza” took the third place and went home with the $34,540 prize money during the event.

GGS #156: $400K GTD (Super High Roller)

The GGS #156: $400K GTD [Super High Roller] event involved 127 players. These field of players exchanged $5,000 for a chance to win the prize money of $603,250.

After so many battles during play, vamossuerte” prevailed and won an incredible $117,448 after a heads-up deal with fellow Mexican “Carson Wentz.”

Mexican players won this round as the third place was also held by a Mexican player by name “Goodeggplant.” He went home with $76,510.

GGS #157: $500K GTD (Super High Roller)

The winner of the GGS #157: $500K GTD [Super High Roller] was a Mexican player named “NOMAMES.” He went home with $178,729 as prize money.

The GGS #157: $500K GTD [Super High Roller] involved a field of 67 players. However, a player from Canada by name “toothpick” won second place and went home with $119,456 as prize money. Additionally, an Austrian player named “FNC Broxah” won the third-place, and he also went back with $93,400 as prize money.

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