The 3 strong arguments why you don’t need to join PokerStars

No doubt, PokerStars is a notable poker provider, and it still takes the leading position in the online poker industry. Even though it’s a top poker room, it doesn`t automatically mean that it is the best place to play on.

It is important to know that no matter the variant you prefer either Texas Holdem, Omaha Pot Limit, Sit&Go tournaments or MTT, there are a lot of alternative poker rooms. Often, poker rooms which are not promoted as PokerStars offer better and conducive conditions to get players, while leading poker rooms rely on the brand and position they take.

In this article, we are going to consider three reasons why you should not join PokerStars as well as the main reasons that make other providers more profitable for a poker player.


A long time ago, PokerStars canceled their Rakeback loyalty program, and currently, players get 0% of their pure rakeback. These changes caused a problem for players, and many of them were forced to change a poker provider.

A good rakeback deal is a big part of winning, and it’s a great plus for all kind of players from beginners to poker pros. That’s why successful vendors such as PartyPoker/bwin or GG Poker Network skins offer players a perfect rakeback offer. Playing through YourPokerDream will provide you with some extra unique exclusive rakeback. Every player knows that more rakeback equals more profit.

Number of regular players

It is well known that among ordinary players, many professionals are playing on PokerStars, and this makes the game a little bit harder in comparison with other online poker providers. To win at the tables on PokerStars, you need to play even better. Therefore, it makes sense to play on the other side, where the playing field is slightly weaker and softer.

Some players think that all the action is concentrated only at PokerStars tables and nothing happens on other poker providers – but this is not true.


PokerStars also holds an exciting promotion from time to time, which gives players a chance to win extra money. But PokerStars is simply the market leader and does not consider it necessary to invest heavily on promotions.

On the other hand, poker rooms that are not famous hold various exciting promotions every month to motivate players to play. Of course, there are also many different promotions meant for all kinds of players, so everyone also has a chance to win.


You don’t need to have the notion that it’s a must for every poker player to play on PokerStars. Frankly, you even Lose money while playing there on PokerStars. There are lots of reputable providers on the market that will give you a lot of pleasure and more profit. We have listed some profitable poker rooms here.

If you will register at one of our partner providers, you will, of course, get access to our exclusive promotions, tournaments and get a lot of additional rakeback. We also provide special VIP offers. If you have questions, our round-the-clock support remains at your disposal!

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