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Most members of the PartyPoker team are well-known to the general public. Louise Butler is the best online female player in Ireland. She won over half a million dollars online. In her blog, Louise talked about the changes that allowed her to achieve better results in the area of online poker.

“May turned out to be very successful for me. I did not have huge drifts on the KO Series, but in fact, I ended the month with a plus of $16,600. My success in the satellites at the KO Series helped me a lot. I even won a $ 5,200 ticket. I didn’t get there, but I managed to get $ 3,250 in the form of a bounty. Taking into account that I was selected for the tournament with $44, this is an excellent result.”

Louise shared that during the first two months of the year, she felt exhausted.  For these reasons, she went on a month-trip. Finally, she realized she has to pay bills and increase her bankroll and came back to the poker tables.

Louise made a few changes to her regular habits that allowed her to achieve good results online. Partypoker member believes that even though this only will not lead to a 100% profit, but will help players to concentrate better during the upcoming multi-tabling Monster Series, which you can find in the following poker rooms:

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Bwin T

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Five habits that will increase your results:

#1 Meditate for 10 minutes before your game

This has been said a million times, but meditation greatly improves your ability to concentrate. If you spend ten minutes meditating, it will clear your mind and you will be able to concentrate more easily during the game. It really helped me and I hardly required any effort.

#2 Set and write down three goals before your session starts

This will help you focus on the right areas. If you are distracted by social networks or phone notifications during the game, take care to turn off the phone and not use your Internet browser. For example, If you usually play certain types of spots incorrectly, set up a goal to pay extra attention to these spots during your game.

#3 Write down one thing what you are grateful for

Louise`s favorite option is “I am grateful for making a living with my favorite game.” Such a positive message will help you to deal with bad beats and other failures.

#4 Find out a habit that will improve your game

What if you can watch an hour-long training video before each session, or simply disassemble five ICM spots after each final table. But it doesn’t mean it should be some kind of training. You can simply go for a walk an hour before the session. Do something that helps you to clear your mind from thinking.

#5 Stick to your sleeping schedule

Louise Butler underlines that it is vital to organize your daily schedule as well as to lead it. This is fair, especially for regular players. The PartyPoker team member added recently that she sleeps from 6:00 to 14:00. The lack of regular sleep in the past made her life harder. Setting the bedtime helped her a lot. Now Louise easily falls asleep for around 8 hours and feel much happier and more energetic throughout the day.

Hope these tips would be useful for you and will help you to do your best during your next poker game.

Good luck to everyone at the tables on the Monster Series.

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