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· Published 14.06.2019 · last updated 14.06.2019

BestPoker conducts professional coach videos on Twitch

twitch online poker

There are different options to improve your online-poker game skills: read books, watch educational videos, or learn from your own mistakes. There is no doubt that each of these approaches works out; however, many top players say that the best way to learn something new is to observe the masters game and analyze their actions.

Not too long ago, only a limited amount of people got the opportunity to follow the game of the pros, but with the advent of Twitch, the situation changed and now, anyone is free to watch any poker game.

Every week, BestPoker online poker operator along with his partner provides an excellent opportunity to improve your poker skills by watching professionals’ coach-videos on Twitch channel. The Live videos give excellent advice on the game in cash, at different limits, assorts hands and points out mistakes, and most importantly is that you get paid! Yes, you heard, right! Everyone has the opportunity to answer questions regarding online poker game or perform some practical task. For any of your activities, you receive prizes!

Free Twitch videos are available every week and last for 2 hours. You can follow BestPoker stream videos on Facebook, where the streams for upcoming video times sets. In case you have to miss a video, there is a chance to watch the recording that will be saved in the history.

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