Poker players often live in the past

It`s not a secret that the poker game came with significant changes during the last ten years. However, the big poker boom is over, and now the poker industry provides many ways for improvement players’ games. It`s time to forget about the huge poker banks that were taken from the poker tables and adjust to the new playing environment.

Since regular players have upgraded the level of their game; it may take longer to overcome high limits in the long term. Sometimes, the real grinders who made big money from 2006-2010 feel disappointed by their fails. It takes big efforts from them to earn money in real conditions. Even though poker rules are the same, the fact that you overcame the highest limits in the past doesn’t mean you can do it today.

The game develops year after year

Today, the poker industry provides various technical and educational tools designed to improve your game and adjust to the current environment. Countless programs that analyze each stage of the game identify mistakes and give tips to respond to the game opponents. A strategy that may have been an absolute hammer ten years ago is a catastrophe in the modern world, and this is something that some former grinders need to accept.

If you used to play NL2000 and made big money today, the reality is so and that you need to overcome NL50-100 and only then climb up. It should be noted that it takes less time and effort for an excellent player to adjust his playing style to a modern playing environment and everyone who can accept some changes can cope with it.

Let your past expectations in the past

Poker is a mental game. Your psychological state is as important as your poker skills. For those who played high limits such as NL1000-2000, it is not so easy to accept that now they have to concentrate on NL50-100. In the past, a poker player could lose several thousands of euro and stay calm of the confidence that he will play out the next day.

In today’s reality, if you lose ten steaks on NL50-100, it feels like you are losing ground under your feet. As mentioned above, good players will always prevail, but it is often necessary to reduce your expectations and think in other dimensions.

New poker variants

Over the past few years, new poker variants have appeared. There are much more options to earn money beside playing Texas Holdem or Omaha pot limit.

On the one hand, the range of tournaments has expanded enormously, and for several years, popular competitions have been held such as spin&go/jackpot tournaments, which caused a real boom and can even turn players into millionaires in minutes.

Still, the new version of Six Plus Holdem or Short Deck Holdem is gaining more and more fans.


We live in 2019, not in 2010. Everyone must accept this and be realistic to win on the stage. It is good to make money in online poker, but times have changed.

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