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· Published 24.06.2019 · last updated 18.10.2019

Three players from Portugal swindle PokerStars out of €4,250

Players found out how to cheap pokerstarsRecently, three players from Portugal made easy money in the €250 high roller tournament by just registering there.  Because of the tricky players’ plan, the high roller event lasted less than a minute.

It seems like Pokerstars European registration has never faced the situation of not having players registered for the tournament.  The High Roller [8-Max] tournament entry was worth €250, while the guarantee was only € 5,000. Since not even one player intended to register, their tricky regulars decided to take advantage of the situation.

The three players entered the tournament, went all-in on the first hand and as a result, the winner took the first place and then, most likely, sent equal shares to the comrades. Thus, in one evening they got a plus for € 4,250.

Most likely, PokerStars is not going to praise the players for their resourcefulness and will launch an internal investigation. If the fact of cooperation between the three will be confirmed (and most likely it will be), PokerStars will ban the players. The funny thing is that they all seem to be successful PokerStars. Eu regs.

Due to the fact that Pokerstars’ poker client will get updated in the next couple of days, the loophole will be patched to avoid recurrent cases of such “deception of the system.”

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