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· Published 05.06.2019 · last updated 05.06.2019

wsop-big-50-event-sets-the-recordAbout 28,371 entries were fixed during the event totalling a $13,509,435 prize pool

The 2019 World Series of Poker ‘Big 50’ event recently sets the record for the biggest number of live players in history. The event included four starts plus a total of 28,371 entries to create a whopping $13,509,435 prize pool.

This event broke the record of the previous WSOP event with an increase of nearly 27 percent in field size. It is necessary to note that 22,374 entries made the inaugural WSOP Colossus event held in 2015.

Thus, the expected prize pool was significantly increased, which means that the winner of the tournament will have to gather over 1 billion chips. Overall, there were 418,550,000 chips in play which distinguished the ‘Big 50’ event among other industry tournaments.

A total of 28,371 entries were fixed; there were 17,970 distinct contestants and 10,401 re-entries. It took only 1,208 dealers to complete the event’s four-starting launches.

During the day 1A, the event attracted 6,095 players. Day 1B fixed 5,972 entries more, while day 1C added 7,183.

The final day fixed the largest 9,121 what put it in seventh place as the largest live tournament field in WSOP history.

In the table below, you may find the top ten most significant WSOP events by field size:

Rank Event Entries
1st 2019 Big 50 28,371
2nd 2015 Colossus $565 NLH 22,374
3rd 2016 Colossus $565 NLH 21,613
4th 2017 Colossus $565 NLH 18,054
5th 2018 Colossus $565 NLH 13,070
6th 2017 Giant $365 NLH 10,015
7th 2018 Giant $365 NLH 8,773
8th 2006 $10,000 Main Event 8,598
9th 2018 Crazy Eights $888 NLH 8,120
10th 2017 Crazy Eights $888 NLH 7,977

Since the total money prize pool is known, the final payout information for the player will be announced officially when the day 2D will be played.

It’s a testament to the love of the game of poker, so many of us have, and we’re so thankful for the players who came out to usher in our 50th iteration,” said WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart. “From humble beginnings 50 years ago with a half a dozen players, to creating a $13 million+ prize pool for a $500 buy-in – unheard – and truly shows the modern day poker scene is alive and well and ready to cater to a new generation.”

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