Online poker has now arrived in our society

A few years back, poker was labeled as pure gambling and regular casino games. People who say they’re making money while playing poker were often mocked and called gamblers.

In 2019, poker now looks a bit different than it was a few years back and the game has arrived in our society. Many professional players turned their hobby into a profession and achieved their dreams. Working many hours do not finance their studies through any part-time job. Fifteen years ago, you would have been the center of mockery if you took playing poker as a job, but today, there’s a lot of respect as a full-time poker player.

Why did it change?

We are living in a very modern age, and with the increasing popularity of the game in the media, some people have taken a closer look at this topic. Why are there players who win regularly and always achieve excellent results in any tournament? Poker does not involve just luck alone. Of course, luck counts, but the strategic aspect of the game is very vital, which makes the difference on who wins and losses in the long run.

Probabilities, Fold Equity, Variance, Table Selection, Position, or the right 4-betting strategy are some of the crucial determinants if you want to be successful as a poker player. However, those are just a small fraction of the things you need to know to be a successful player. It takes a lot of stamina, will, and patience to become a good player. Learning the rules is very fast, but studying the game itself is a never-ending process. The game continues to develop, and you have to invest a lot of time in the theory and analysis of your own game.

To successfully play poker takes a lot of hard work, and you have to be smart to prevail in the poker industry – this is precisely why the reputation of poker in our society turned around.

Why is online poker becoming more popular?

For one thing, it’s about marketing in the media. Online poker has become an integral part of TV and everywhere on the internet. You can play from the comfort of your home for huge sums or a few cents and compete with players from all over the world at the virtual tables.

Also, the attraction to make big profits within a short time with little effort attracts people to the tables. For several years, there have been various Jackpot/Spin & Go tournaments, where players can win several thousand dollars within a few minutes, with $ 5 bet, or even become a millionaire – very mind blowing isn’t it?

Additionally, playing in prominent live tournaments such as the WSOP in Las Vegas is a lot of fun. For instance, in 2003, the legendary Chris Moneymaker qualified for the $ 10,000 Main Event of the WSOP with just $ 20 in an online satellite tournament. Notably, that’s quite a big hit when you get a ticket to a $ 10,000 event with only $ 20 bet and win the whole event.

That’s exactly what Chris Moneymaker did: started with a simple $ 20 online satellite tournament and ended with a victory at the 2003 WSOP Main Event, earning $ 2.5 million as prize money. In poker, your life can change overnight swiftly.

The future of Online Poker

In the future, online poker will continue to grow in our society and grow in certain countries where awareness is not that high. The Asian market, in particular, is multiplying and networks such as the gg network, for example, are watching very fast due to the rising number of players from Asia.

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