Professional behavior and seriousness are often foreign words in some poker sites

No doubt, YourpokerDream drives an entirely different line than many of its counterparts out there. We always address everything openly and communicate with our community. In this article, we would now like to go into more details and give you some examples of how unprofessional it is behind the scenes when it comes to poker affiliates.

You’ll be surprised at the level of unprofessionalism on most poker sites, and even after so many years in this business, some vendors still provide surprises.

The communication is often very bad

One should expect that a leading poker affiliate in the poker scene should always give answers to questions tendered by its clients within 24 hours. Not only that, but it should also have a capable team where everything is organized. Additionally, another responsibility of a top-notch poker affiliate is to quickly respond to the queries of its clients by email or through its Skype contact where individuals can clarify certain things quickly.

But unfortunately, that is not the case in some of these affiliate sites. It is also necessary to note that there are also big names in the scene where it takes time for the customer care to answer queries tendered by clients. Worst of it all, in most cases, it takes an eternity until a particular matter is settled.

Ahead of this issue are the skins from the iPoker network, which is why YourPokerDream was in partnership with WinnerPoker a long time ago.

We have been in search for iPoker partners. Again, we are talking about huge companies that have not been able to co-operate over a 1-2-week period. Of course, we have refrained from collaborating with such companies. After 3-4 weeks, responses from such companies come with “Sorry Sorry ….,” which we do not care about as we remain true to our line.

The right account manager is often the key to success

Nevertheless, a lot also depends on the right account manager. When you have a reliable person who knows what he is doing and also sees the potential in working together, many things are more easy. Sometimes, everything works fine for some years, until staff changes, and from one day to the next, everything is a disaster, which is why the right account manager is always needed.

The annoying topic with the payments

Poker sites who always pay punctually are functional. There is no reason why a poker room should not pay its affiliates. Well, that’s the way it should be, but the truth is very different.

For instance, iPoker skins are often too late when it comes to paying its affiliate most times. Some providers are regular, and others are not, which is one of the reasons why we reject many possible partnerships with iPoker providers.

In the case of our former partner WinnerPoker (Nethive), we were even forced to terminate an existing collaboration after many years, as WinnerPoker lags when it comes to paying its affiliates.

Of course, before we consider working with a new vendor, we inquire about payments. Our players want to be paid on time, and of course we too.

Honest and open communication in all cases

No matter how professional you are at something, it will always go wrong and not as you want it. That’s the same with us, and therefore we also have a full understanding when something unusual happens to our partners. The important thing here is that you openly and honestly communicate about it and not conjure up any story that no one can believe.

Often, people who are in charge have no clue how the business works

Sadly, the support team of most poker rooms does not even know their promotions and where a player should send his documents for verification.

For Instance, PartyPoker/Bwin – there’s almost nothing negative to say about PartyPoker and Bwin. Surprisingly, some people who have no clue about this business came up with the idea to host the $500 Alias ​​Race for 24 hours a day? Meaning you’re giving $500,000 on a single day just because all players are supposed to change their nickname. Seriously………? A Rake Race or something useful would have been excellent but the hourly Click Card promotion wasn’t a good option. A player could flip a card every hour if he produced at least 0.10 cents of rake/fever 0.10 cents! However, the prices went to $ 1,000; now every reasonable player asks where it makes sense to throw money into the throat of any player who does not generate revenue. This has now drawn countless inactive players to the tables, all of whom have made a solid 0.10 cents rake per hour to get a card.

Well, it could have been worse, but it was bad enough. One of our players managed to get a total of $1,250 from these Click Cards. Congratulations to PartyPoker / Bwin and the man who came up with that. The player who received this prize will generate a maximum of $ 50 rake/fees per month and results in a rakeback etc., so maybe $30 left over at the end.  Even if this player continues to play every month and does not stop, it would take four years to party poker / bwin, and we would be back to 0. We also have to pay for any bonuses the player receives.

Some affiliates certainly did worse than us, but the question remains: Who came up with such a promotion? For one thing, everyone would have changed his nickname, and you would not have had to spend $ 500,000, and if you already have a promo, you should think it over. Some of our high rollers who make a few thousand dollars in sales each month have received 4×5 $ tickets and have given away $1,250 as a gift and then $ 1,150 to freeroll tickets and Micro Limit players! Respect for the man who came up with this!

He would have been happy about $50!

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