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Two players got disqualified recently from the 2019 World Series of Poker during the first level of the game for bad behavior they portrayed during the event.

The two players were disqualified from different rooms, which resulted in their $10,000 buy-in being forfeited.

The first disqualification scenario took place at the Brasilia Room. The first player to be disqualified took the chips of his left-hand opponent after winning a small pot during play.

The player Georgii Belianin has no remorse after doing this, and his poor and ill-timed attempt at humor violated the rules in poker. The WSOP Vice President Jack Effel suddenly came over to escorted Belianin out of the event scene. It is essential to know that his chips were removed from the game, but his buy-in of $10,000 remained.

The rules of the WSOP game includes that players shouldn’t get their hands on chips that don’t belong to them, particularly in the Main Event where big money is at stake. You are only allowed to take care of your chips and not touch those of your opponents. Effel also added after the whole scenario that anyone who gets disqualified from WSOP for misconduct stands a chance to face significant consequences, including being banned from all Caesars properties.

It’s still not clear on what prompted Belianin on the behavior, but Tom Peterson (the player who sit beside him) said he was drunk. Nevertheless, Belianin apologized for his unprofessional behavior through his Twitter page. He also added that he couldn’t recollect much of what occurred due to intoxication. Belianin also said that he hasn’t gotten into such trouble before.

The Second Player Disqualified by WSOP

The second player disqualified by WSOP on the same day was Ken Strauss. He was playing in the Pavilion Yellow section was moved off the playing scene after exposing himself at Table #317. This player lowered his pants after going all-in blind and threw his shoes around, hitting the dealer tray. Strauss was drunk – just like Belianin – and has a result, he was removed from the playing premises.

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