Get an advantage from eliminating your rivals in the struggle for a share of $30 Million

Knockout tournamentsPartypoker made a grand announcement that it is launching a new season of Knockout games for poker players around the globe. The new K.O Series will commence in September and will bring a wide variety of combative competitions.

One of the best features of the Knockout series by partypoker is that it is affordable for all kinds of players – both beginners and high-rollers. A wide range of buy-ins allows players to take part in these exciting games without looking back at their bankroll size. Just choose the best set up for your strategy and dive into the breathtaking world of tactic and hunting.

Dates: Sunday, 8th – Sunday, 22nd September

The guaranteed prize pool: $30M

Moreover, this time, partypoker has significantly increased the number of bonuses – which is an excellent opportunity to boost your profit. The fact that partypoker charges zero rake on the bounty element of your buy-in gives you an unbeatable PKO value, which is the icing on the cake!

Partypoker Normal 1

600$ Bonus/Up to 60% Rakeback

How Knockout games work?

Knockout Poker games are special MTT and Sit & Go tournaments where the prize money is split, with a part going to the overall prize pool, and the other part distributed among players for each opponent they knock out. You can significantly boost your bankroll every time you knock out an opponent during each Knockout Poker tournament. Meanwhile the more opponents you eliminate, the more expensive “your head” becomes.

This kind of game is fascinating and extremely exciting. At the same time it is an excellent opportunity to earn good money because massive prize pools usually attract a big amount of random players, so upcoming Knockout tournaments allow you to kill two birds with one stone.

How to play Knockout games?

It is not a secret that setting a right strategy is an integral part of success. To play and win knockouts, you should know the standard strategy used for playing Sit-and-Go tournaments. While playing, keep in mind that the main goal is to get to the top 3, and the bonuses and prizes for knocked out players are secondary. During the tournament, you will hunt for the heads of rivals; you will quickly become a victim.

For example, consider these options: If you knock out three participants from the tournament, but take only the fourth or fifth place, then you will not pay back your buy-in. And if you fail to knock out anyone, but at the same time manage to get into the main prizes, then you will be in the black.

Sometimes, poker rooms award players for the knocking out players with the highest rate and many beginner players make the same mistake by hunting them. Keep in mind that concentrating on hunting can easily make you a victim.

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