PartyPoker is fighting against poker bots

Bot have still no chance at PartyPoker

The hunt for bot account continues by partypoker, and about 601 accounts have been closed, and $1.2 million seized ever since the implementation of increased bot security, according to Poker Industry PRO ($)

A recent report by partypoker stated that about 121 accounts have been closed down and $175,000 seized in July. It essential to know that these increased security measures are to take down illegal bot accounts that infiltrate partypoker’s website.

However, partypoker explained through a blog post in April that a “Suspicious activity can be in any form; for instance, making use of bots or other illegal software to increase players’ advantage during play.”

partypoker’s July’s Bot Raids Surpassed the Monthly Averages

As stated earlier, about 601 bot accounts have been closed, and these numbers equal to an average of 75 accounts closed and $147k seized monthly.

July’s metrics surpassed the monthly average on the bot accounts and money confiscated. Again, July ranked second highest when it comes to the accounts that were closed by partypoker – behind the 142 in March – and it rated third-most top when it comes to the money seized from these accounts.

Samantha Bevington of PRO stated that 89 of the 121 seized accounts were dot-com sites and the rest were EU accounts. This marks the first time partypoker closed and took more accounts and funds from EU accounts than from dot-com sites.

These numbers mean that partypoker has heightened their security measures and the fight against illegal bot accounts in the Southern European market, as some of the bot operatives have moved over to the EU to dodge partypoker’s intense scrutiny. Nevertheless, the threat of these bot accounts persist in partypoker’s site and its domains. partypoker still stands firm in the fight against bot accounts, and it has assured its players the utmost security.

partypoker stated this during a press release: “The poker room continues to invest in resources aimed at safeguarding the safety of its players, spearheaded by a specialist Poker Fraud Team comprising a collection of former poker professionals whose duty is to investigate suspicious activity and aid partypoker in ridding the site of unscrupulous accounts.”

The Ban on HUDs

In July 2019, partypoker barred the use of HUDs (Head-Up Displays) on its website to foster a safer environment.

Many poker enthusiasts thought earlier that this move would deter security efforts as players have played a vital part in detecting bots.

It is essential to know that partypoker has worked hard to ease this worry through their fraud detection measures, including a hyped specialist poker fraud team.

A member of partypoker’s Player Panel, Patrick Leonard, heaped praises to the increased security of the site’s ability to curb illegal activities. He also showed full confidence in partypoker’s ability to track illicit accounts. He stated his support for the ban of HUDs through his official Twitter page and said: “The security department is tiptop, going into the office the levels of security are now extremely high. The sophistication means that it’s very unlikely a player with a hud catches a bot/cheat ahead of partypoker.”

Leonard also added on his official Twitter page that providing a much safer online poker environment for everyone will go a long way in enticing players. He also said that one effort to promote a secured online poker environment is the FairPlay Initiative, headed by Rob Young.

As of now, it seems that programs such as FairPlay Initiative have been halted by legal snags modeled by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR stops the “sharing of across online poker sites and live casinos regarding customers caught cheating, in hopes of creating a kind of blacklist of banned players to prevent repeat offenses across domains.”

It is yet to be seen of FairPlay Initiative, or other programs will be put in place to help in the tracking of nefarious accounts. Notwithstanding, the heightened security measures by partypoker should be comforting for poker players who acknowledge the rules on online poker websites.

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