The art of playing poker reached new milestones in the 21st century. The 1998 movie “Rounder’s,” ESPN, and also Chris MoneyMaker’s win in the 2003 WSOP (World Series of Poker) attracted people to Las Vegas to play poker professionally. There are no doubts that poker is a game of skill and luck: sometimes you lose and win. Cash prizes in poker are huge – it can be thousands or millions of dollars. However, there is one rule that every poker player follows: you need to be consistent in playing poker games to be successful. But do you know that there are financial risks, which can be weighty and discouraging to newbies?

Many poker players try staking to lift these financial risks that often result in a detrimental end. In staking, a player gets a sponsor to partake in a tournament. If the player triumphs, then the sponsor receives his share. Well if the player loses, the sponsor goes to a loss. This method is now widespread in new-age poker today – even popular poker players you know today have sponsors.

Lately, entrepreneurial poker players have created sites to convey poker staking to everyone. It’s a new trend to help the masses relate to poker professionals.

It is also essential to know that poker staking is not always smooth or a sure route to get lots of cash. There are lots of risks involved both financially and legally.

So when you see the WSOP tournament that comes up annually on TV and the winner takes home significant amounts of cash, know that he does not have all the cash prize to himself.

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· Published 27.08.2019 · last updated 27.08.2019

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