Dear Community,

do you have your own YouTube channel with some subscribers, or even better a Twitch Channel where you stream regularly? Wonderful then maybe we will look exactly for you and you can easily make some extra money by doing some advertising for us.

First and foremost, of course, we’re looking for poker players, but we do not mind if you might stream any other games. Important that it is in the gambling/gaming area.

For us it is important that you actively stream, which means at least three times a week. The more often you are online, the better it is, as our deals are arranged individually.

We offer different deals

  • Special Rakeback Deals for poker players
  • Special live poker tournament packages
  • Fixed monthly amount

The deals are really different, as it depends on how often someone streams, how long, what he streams, how many avergae viewers and such stuff. If you are interested in a deal, we would be happy if you contact us to discuss the whole thing.

The deal should of course be fair and shoudl bring value for both parties.

Skype: vip-yourpokerdream

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· Published 12.08.2019 · last updated 12.08.2019

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