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· Published 10.09.2019 · last updated 11.09.2019

Even a King can lose their crown – are you ready for a shot at the throne?

King of Flip promo at Unibet

Unibet poker room presents a new autumn promotion that allows you to win cash prizes. To increase your winnings, you need to beat the King of Flips. There is also an opportunity to earn more tokens by playing Cash Games, Hexapros and SNGs to take on the house in the Poker Flips mini-game.

Moreover, taking part in Unibet promotion allows you to win €2,000 Unibet Open package. To start your exciting poker experience, you need to open the poker client to receive a free bronze token.

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200€ Bonus/Up to 65% Rakeback

How to use tokens

Earn tokens based on your stakes to play hands against the King of Flips. Once you’ve earned at least one token, you can start using it in the Poker Flips mini-game at Unibet.

During the Hold’em game, you and the King of Flips each receive two hole cards and a flop – turn, and river will be dealt automatically.

After each hand, a player has two options: to collect the prize or risk it for playing another higher flip. Higher value tokens start closer to the top as. At the same time the higher you go, the closer you are to beat the king of flips for a €2000 Unibet Open package.

How to earn tokens

There are three levels of getting tokens: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Earn up to 5 tokens per tier (up to 15 tokens in total per day).

To earn one token, a player have to:

  • See 25 flops in Cash Game or
  • Play 5 SNGs or
  • Play 3 Hexapros

The stakes played determines your token tier:

Game \ Tier Bronze Silver Gold
Cash Game €4 & €10 €25, €50 & €100 €200 & €400
SNG €1, €2 & €4 €10 & €25 €50, €100 & €200
Hexapro €1, €2 & €5 €10 & €25 €50 & €100

You may find the information about the prizes availiable to grab in the table below:

Bronze 10 Bonus Points
20 Bonus Points
40 Bonus Points
Silver €1 MTT Ticket

200 Bonus Points

Gold 400 Bonus Points

€10 Hexapro Ticket

2000 Bonus Points

4000 Bonus Points

€100 Supernova MTT ticket

20000 Bonus Points

40000 Bonus Points

80000 Bonus Points

Unibet €2,000 Unibet Open Package

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