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· Published 18.09.2019 · last updated 18.09.2019


Daniel Cates and Illya Trincher object to withholding the PPC winnings from Phil Ivey

The long-term confrontation between Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and poker legend Phil Ivey has taken another turn after the two professional poker players filed an official objection in Nevada against the withholding $124,410 cash winnings from Ivey that he won during the just concluded summer’s World Series of Poker.

According to the source, on August 30, 2019, Daniel “Jungleman” Cates and high-roller player Ilya Trincher were sued in Nevada. They claimed that they had a deal with Ivy and fully staked him to compete in the $ 50,000 Poker Championship at the 2019 WSOP. As a result of the tournament, Evie took the eighth place and won $ 124,410.

At the moment, Phil Ivey owes Bogata Hotel Casino more than $10 million. Since Borgata was able to legally substantiate the claim, the WSOP refused to pay winnings to Ivey and decided to transfer it to the bailiff.

Cates, Trincher, and Ivey agreement

Under the terms of the agreement between Cates, Trincher, and Ivey, both Cates and Trincher were due the $50,000 buy-in back in case if Ivey cashed in the Poker Players Championship. Cates and Trincher should have also received 50 percent of any potential winnings.

As Ivey`s winnings are equal to $124,410, Cates and Trincher claim they were owed a total of $87,205 of that score, made up of the $50,000 buy-in and half of Ivey’s “profit.”

To back up their claims, Cates and Trincher looked to Chesnoff and Schonfeld, a law company in Las Vegas. Gambling is the main area of specialization of Chesnoff and Schonfelds. Moreover, they represented Ivey himself in some of his other cases.

Cates & Trincher appeal may set a precedent

It looks like the case may get in a gray area and could arise some questions.

Borgata Casino is likely to insist that Phil Ivey knew about the casino`s intentions to withhold any winnings once Ivey crosses the casino threshold. This is what Phil had kept in mind before concluding a betting agreement, which, of course, cannot be proved. It is also doubtful that the court might suppose that both professional players Cates and Trincher had no idea about the Ivy lawsuit, as the entire case was observed and covered in all the media for a very long time.

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