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As you know, the GG network has been changing its own Fast Fold Poker variant Rush & Cash since 01. October 2019. Due to these changes and since players not only receive the cash drops worth 50% rakeback, but also participate in the Fish Buffet Rakeback program, the complete calculation changes for all sites and affiliates.

Please note that all our special VIP Deals and normal promotions do not count for Rush & Cash, only for the normal tables. All VIP Deals have been changed for rush & rash players to our highest Net Rakeback Deals at GGPoker and Natural8 (All information are inside your ypd account). Each player receives a Loyalty Cash Bonus based on the Netrake. All players will still be able to see their username in the Main Rake Race as well as in the normal VIP Deals, but you can ignore that.

Important: All BestPoker Deals stay the same just with a few % less for rush&cash players.

Unfortunately, we currently have no other option and it is a complete mess regarding the rush&cash games. For more information please contact our support team!

Please also note that the GG Network directly deducts 50% of the generated rake for the cash drops and count only 50% for the sites/affiliates. Before it was even 65% because the cash drops also had a higher value.

Example Calculation Netrake Rush & Cash: Player Generates 1k Rake – $ 500 Cash Drops – Fish Buffet Welcome Bonus = Netrake

Of course, all players participate in the big 500k Rush Cash Promotion. The prices you receive will not affect our deals and gives you extra rakeback.

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Your YourPokerDream Team

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· Published 05.10.2019 · last updated 20.10.2019

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