partypoker’s Tournament Dollars are back

The return of partypoker’s Tournament Dollars (T$) from the 27th of October, 2019 has caused a big stir in the poker scene, and lots of poker players believe that it is a significant step forward for the poker world.

The new Tournament Dollars present players with flexibility when it comes to winning tournaments in poker games. It is essential to know that Tournament Dollars is a new type of currency that will help replace tickets that poker players win from satellite tournaments. This new currency will also allow players enter any MTT they want.

However, Barry Carter, a co-author of The Mental Game of Poker I and II and Poker Satellite Strategy, shared his thoughts on partypoker’s Tournament Dollars.

The famous author, also the editor of welcomed the idea and stated that he rolled over his bankroll to partypoker. On the 20th of October 2019, Carter turned a $5.50 satellite ticket into a $530 ticker for a High Roller Bounty Hunter tournament and navigated his way to finish second worth $14,481.24.

Barry Carter’s Views On Tournament Dollars

Partypoker announced that it would be returning to the Tournament Dollars for satellites. It is also essential to know that there has been a long debate on how satellite players can be awarded.

Additionally, lots of satellite winners are unable to unregister from target events after registrations; thus, they exchange seats for cash. This is because they are forced to use a ‘must play’ system. There are no doubts that the ‘must play’ system guarantees numbers for the target event. But the only disadvantage of this system is the fact that it leads to smaller fields for satellites.

Partypoker has been working on ways to improve the ticket system for quite some time now, which Carter said he liked. The ‘must play’ mode always suggests that if a player wins a $109 ticket, you can play in any $110 event at partpoker. Which is the reality of the ‘must play’ system.

Carter stated that he is ‘biased about this system.’ But he also added that the ‘must play’ has been the best long-time serving system for poker operators, but if you love playing satellite games, then Tournament Dollars is the best.

The writer said that that he is biased about it because he is the co-author of Poker Satellite Strategy, a new book that teaches players to beat this profitable, counter-intuitive, and misunderstood format.

He also added that Satellite players should also exploit in Tournament Dollars games as it will give them more flexibility, without being forced to play target events. Tournament Dollars games will have lots of grinders in it and will bring lots of innovative poker players, than ‘must play’ satellites where you will see the same players all the time.

Definitely ‘must play’ satellites will be a little less tough than Tournament Dollar Satellites. But it essential to know that satellites remain the softest form of tournament poker.

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