Short Deck Poker die neue Variante im GG Netzwerk

The gg poker network continues to attract lots of attention to change the poker world; as a result, the number of players on the network keeps increasing. Recently, a revised version of the in-house Fast-Fold Poker variant “Rush & Cash” was released by GGNetwork to the poker industry with a big ‘bang.’

It was only a matter of time before GGNetwork introduced Short Deck Holdem to its portfolio. The Short Deck Hold’em or 6+ Hold’em is a slightly different version from the typical Texas Hold’em, which came to Europe from Asia. With the Triton Poker Tour and the publicly held tournaments in the short-deck hold’em format, this variant gained more attention worldwide.

However, due to the smaller card deck, the chance to make a right hand naturally increases, and there is a lot of action at the table.

At the moment, major sites in the scene have added Short Deck Poker to their portfolio, and the GGNetwork is the front-runner.  Additionally, the poker network now gives players the opportunity to install a different version of their Short Deck/6 + Hold’em from their Fast-Fold Poker variant

The popular poker network also plans to launch the variants on October 28, 2019, and begin a big short deck promotion at the same time. Due to the high number of Asian players and Europeans who like to play in the GG Poker Network, the roll-out of these variants will be a huge success.

What makes the Short Hold’em so exciting is the fact that they are virtually no shortcuts to improve your game, but only with diligence and hard work; also you will find lots of bad players and regulars with some weaknesses in their own game at the tables.

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