PokerStars vs. GG Poker Network

The GGNetwork and PokerStars are both excellent online poker operators. In this article we provide a detailed comparison between the most famous and largest poker room, PokerStars, and the increasingly popular GGPoker Network. There’s not much to say about PokerStars, which remains the world’s biggest and best-known online poker room.

Understandably, the GG Network is not as well-known as PokerStars, but has become a real powerhouse in the online poker scene in recent years, and it is currently number three in the global online poker market – that’s ahead of PartyPoker/Bwin. The GGNetwork has a soft player field, with many recreational players from Asia, great promotions and a fantastic Rakeback programme. Meanwhile, it’s also a favorite among poker players.

Both providers offer a variety of advantages, so we’ve taken a closer look.

We will use the following criteria:

  • Number of players/Traffic
  • Software
  • Rakeback
  • Promotions
  • MTT Schedule
  • Available payment methods

 GG Network vs. PokerStars: Number of players

When it comes to the number of players in Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha cash games it is PokerStars who hold the lead. The GG Network is at a 7-day average of 5,400 players compared with around 6,000 at PokerStars. However, it is important to note that although the number of players at PokerStars is higher, they have considerably more professional players at their tables. Meanwhile, the player pool at the GG Network is considered super-soft due to the sheer volume of casual players.

There is not much difference between Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Hold’em tables in terms of traffic, although it should be said that at GGPoker there is more PLO action than at PokerStars.

In terms of so-called Fast-Forward poker, the GG Network is doing fine, and you will find action at all limits. It’s true that Stars remains ahead numbers-wise, but players at the GG network can enjoy special cash drops and Fast-Forward rake races.

As far as MTTs are concerned, the GG Network’s offering can’t be compared with PokerStars. That isn’t to say there aren’t some great tournaments and series at the GG Network – indeed there are series with millions in guaranteed prize money – but the number of tournaments and the daily schedule is better at Stars. Nevertheless, this popularity also means that tournaments tend to have enormous fields and are therefore more difficult at which to find success, and this large-scale set-up (which can present variance) isn’t to everyone’s liking, in which case a lot of players might anyway prefer the dynamic at the GG Network.

Turning to Sit & Go tournaments, PokerStars comes first because the GG Network is simply yet to commit to this particular format. However, you will find at GG the famous Spin & Go/Jackpot SNG called Spin&Gold, where players can win up to 40,000 times their buy-in within a few minutes. In general, these spin Sit & Go tournaments are almost the same as at Stars, the difference being you’ll find at GGPoker higher multipliers and also 6max Spin&Go tournaments. At the 10$ 6max Spins the highest multiplier is 20.000, which means you can play with just a 10$ buy-in for a 2 million USD prize pool. And everybody who is playing the 100$ 6max Spins, can hit the 40.000 multiplier and play for an unbelievable 4 Million USD prize pool.

Overall, this point goes to PokerStars, but you’ll still find plenty of action on the GG Network.

 GG Network vs. PokerStars: Software

As far as this point is concerned, the GG Network and PokerStars both have top quality, user-friendly software. Each is quite distinct, and you can navigate your way round easily – even if you have just joined and are using the software for the first time.

The GG Network’s software offers some unique features, such as EV Insurance, Straddle and Run it Twice, all-in insurance, Rabbit Hunt, SnapCam and more. It’s even possible to stake other players or be staked yourself!

On software, then, the GG Network edges it.

PokerStars vs. GG Poker Network: Rakeback

As far as Rakeback is concerned, everyone knows that there is no Rakeback at PokerStars!

In the GG Network there is the Fish Buffet programme for all skins which, at the top end, can generate in itself around 60% Weekly Cashback. Add to this numerous rake races, promotions and, of course, the exclusive promotions and deals you can take advantage of by signing up via YourPokerDream, and it’s too good to miss!

If you decide to join GGPoker don’t forget to use our bonus code YPD so that you can receive our exclusive VIP rakeback deal.

So there you have it, GG Network wins when it comes to offering Rakeback Deals.

PokerStars vs. GG Poker Network: Promotions

Both providers offer a variety of exciting monthly promotions, which bring you extra cash/ rakeback as a player. However, there is a massive difference between what each offers in their First Deposit bonus: PokerStars is a maximum of $600 as a Welcome Bonus, while the GG Network gives you up to $1,000 depending on the skin.

Also in the rake races and other promotions, GGPoker is clearly one step ahead. There are daily rake races for all variants and GG has around 10 million USD to be won in various rake races/promotions every month.

Tournament Poker

Both operators offer some exciting daily tournaments, with juicy guaranteed prize pools. However, as we said earlier, PokerStars MTT offerings are still superior to the GGNetwork. Nonetheless, the latter is closing the gap bit by bit as their tournaments and series continue to grow. Moreover, the prize pools at GG are now enormous, and serious tournament players are increasingly turning up at their tables…

It’s significant that, since May 2020, GGPoker is also an official partner of the WSOP, hosting the likes of the WSOP Circuit Online Series and the WSOP 2020 Online. Add to this other tournament series with many millions guaranteed in prize money, and GG is a force to be reckoned with and a worthy contender for the top spot.

Note that the GGNetwork also has unique high roller MTTs with buy-ins of up to $25,000.

So… Stars does have a bigger, broader tournament menu, but GG has something special through its cooperation with the WSOP that PokerStars cannot offer its players.

Conclusion: both providers deserve a point regarding tournaments!

Payment Options

Popular e-wallet providers such as Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, MuchBetter, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted by all sites, so both PokerStars and the GG Network make transactions easy for players.

For crypto enthusiasts, GGPoker and Natural8 accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Although PokerStars does not deal with cryptocurrencies, they do offer bank transfer and a few other alternative payment methods which, despite not being used too often, are still a convenient option for some players.

Depending on the location of the player, payment methods may differ slightly.

On Payments, then, it’s a tie…

Final Words

If you look at the different areas we have compared, you will notice that the big daddy, PokerStars, is not – as many players might be led to believe – ahead of the game. In the end, the comparison is completely balanced and both providers are a good choice.

PokerStars is the only alternative for Sit & Go players simply because this particular format is yet to be embraced by the GG network. But the latter does have the Spin & Gold jackpot games that feature life-changing prize pots. Meanwhile, for all other formats the GG Network had a lot of options.

Our recommendation: This is clearly in the direction of GGPoker. Use our bonus code YPD to register at GGPoker and enjoy our exclusive VIP Deal, participate in our GGPoker VIP Rake Chase and make the most of our exclusive promotions and tournaments.

For players from UK only GGPoker is available!

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