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The GG network quietly introduces PVI (Player Value Index)

GG Poker Network always gives surprises, but sometimes in a negative sense. For less than a week, we noticed that the numbers for our rush & cash players on all skins went down a lot. First, we thought it was a technical error, but now they confirmed that since the 4th of November, the PVI model (Player Value Index) have been applied to regular cash game tables.

A piece of information stated officially would have been helpful, but sometimes you cannot expect too much.

Nevertheless, we still have the best Rush & Cash Rakeback Deals and exclusive promotions at our three partners from the GG network.

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The regular Fish Buffet Rakeback Program and the weekly Rush & Cash Races will be the same. For poker rooms and affiliates, there will be a lot changes in the background because less Rake means less income. Since less Rake will be counted from now on, it will affect all players, as they receive less Rakeback for example from the welcome bonus, or us as far as our races / VIP deals are concerned. The poker room, as well as everybody, will be paid immediately after the deduction of the PVI.

We’ll try to explain this in more details with these two examples:

  • Rush&Cash before 04.11.2019: 1k rake was counted at the cash game tables. The player had a welcome bonus, which at BestPoker, for example, equals 20% Rakeback. Now the player received $350 through the Fish Buffet Rakeback program.

For the poker room and the affiliate, the money received by the player would be counted with the old calculation of about $450 of Rake. This amount would have been the basis for calculating our races and deals.

  • Rush&Cash after 04.11.2019: 1k rake was counted at the cash game tables. The player had a welcome bonus, which at BestPoker, for example, equals 20% Rakeback. And here it starts because the welcome bonus is for each provider but different; it is paid by the poker room itself. This is calculated after deduction of PVI, which is the Rake sent to the poker room. Again, if the network counts only 70% PVI for a player from the original 1k, that would be 700$. The player receives 20% from 700$ what means 140$. It is essential to know that It would have been $200 by the old calculation. At the moment, every affiliate is now paid after the PVI. The calculation is as follows: $700 Rake – $ 140 Welcome Bonus – $ 350 Fish Buffet / Fees = $ 210 Net Rake. This is where we receive our commission. According to the old calculation, it would have been 1k Rake – $ 200 Welcome Bonus – $ 350 Fish Buffet / Fees = $ 450 Net Rake. The difference is enormous. It is also essential to know that it is impossible to know the amount subtracted by the PVI, which can be different every day. Even the poker room does not know it but gets the numbers automatically to its system. As with the regular cash game tables, we can now calculate only with the rake which the poker room or GG network sends to us.

Info: For the Fish Buffet and rush & cash rake races, everything is still calculated as before, and PVI will not change anything here.

Why this change to PVI at the Rush & Cash tables?

It is not a big surprise as all players have been participating in the Fish Buffet program since October, and a small and big blind has been introduced, like the regular Texas Hold’em. The main reason is that the weekly rush & cash races at the network are probably too soft, and the cost is just too high. Honestly, we have to say that the races are perfect for the players that they offer a lot of value, and then the fish buffet and some extra money from the affiliate are cool.

However, this is also about the players who do not make it to the paid places in the weekly leaderboards. Also, GG network still has some excellent value, but of course, not as fantastic as before because they get less from the affiliate. That also applies to the players who reached the paid leaderboard places, but they have a lot of Rakeback, and for them, it is also annoying when you get less from the affiliate.

They may be questions on whether will the rankings in the leaderboard affect the PVI of a player? According to the GG network, it will not.

In the end, it’s the same as always, and that’s something we talk openly. The point is that more money is coming into the pockets of the network, less to the poker room, the affiliate, and the player as well. The iPoker network and also Microgaming (MPN) do the same, and they count the less rake a player generates in real. There are only a few exceptions where the full Rake or even more is counted (sometimes).


Of course, the new changes may be obnoxious to everyone. Nevertheless, rush & Cash is still profitable, and the players have the cash drops that, in the long term should bring 50 Rakeback, the fish buffet program, the weekly rake races, and also extra Rakeback from the affiliate.

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