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GG Network launches a 300k All-In or Fold Race (AoF Holdem) inclusive bingo in December as a small extra

A fantastic 300k All-In or Fold Race will start soon. You definitely cannot blame the GG poker network for lacking ideas. For the next monthly software update, which is scheduled to take effect on the 2nd of December, the in-house All-In or Fold variant will change a bit.

For players who do not know how All-In or Fold works, here is a short introduction: The AoF Holdem is played like the regular Texas Holdem, with the subtle difference that there are only two options – as the name implies. You can Fold your hand, or you go All-in right before the Flop. It’s that easy! As soon as at least two players have gone All-in, the Flop, Turn and River are dealt directly after each other. The hand ranking is the same as with the normal Holdem.

There is a small blind and a big blind. However, each player can buy only with a maximum of 4-8 big blinds at the table. An exact explanation of how All-In or Fold is played, and the available limits can be found in our “How profitable is All-In or Fold?” article.

Before moving to the Aof Race and Bingo, we would like to show you the providers that offer this great variant. Sign up with one of our three GG partner sites and gain access to our exclusive promotions and receive a very exclusive Rakeback deal to maximize your profits. A good Rakeback deal is a prerequisite if you want to play All-In or Fold in the GG Network!

Our recommendation: BestPoker for the $ 2,000 Welcome Bonus, our fantastic flat Rakeback Deal, and there are also two tickets for the super-soft 1k Welcome freeroll and our $ 100 YPD Freeroll (Every 2 Weeks) for all new players. All three GG skins are identical, and you have the same players, tables, promotions, Rakeback etc. Only at BestPoker there are a few exclusive benefits that the other two providers do not have.

For UK players, only GGPoker is available!

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300k All-In or Fold Race

From the 2nd of December a weekly All-In or Fold Race starts where the principle is straightforward. The player that plays the most hands and generates the most rake rises in the leader board and will win great cash prizes every week. There is a lot of action waiting for you in December.

All-In or Fold Bingo

GG Network has devised an exceptional feature to make this variant even more popular. From December 2nd, there will be bingo for every player automatically. Each player has 20 hands and the opportunity to form a bingo series. In Aof Holdem, there are four different bingo rows, each with four randomly selected cards, while the AoF Omaha will have three rows of three cards each. Each player now has the option of completing one of the rows and winning a prize of up to $ 10,000. Bingo fee will be taken and accumulated as the ‘Bingo Prize Pool.’ The charges will be different for each blind.

When a player achieves Bingo, a wheel will spin to determine the prize, and this amount will be taken from the ‘Bingo Prize Pool’. The chances of getting the prize will be different for each blind.

The GG Network will show the the top and the history of winners weekly.

All-In or Fold Bingo
All-In or Fold Bingo
All-In or Fold Bingo Price
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