Google intends to unblock gaming adverts by 2020

The leading world brand Google announced its plan to change its advertising policies around the US market for online poker and casino gaming. So far, all online gaming ads were considered as restricted content in the United States, with the only exception of sport betting ads in New Jersey and West Virginia.

Google is planning to lift the ban by the first quarter of 2020, taking advantage of the growing market in the US.

As the biggest search engine, Google will have a significant positive impact on the online gaming industry. The numbers speak for themselves: valued at $309 billion, $130 billion revenue, $18.8 billion in profits, 3.5 billion Google searches per day, and 85,000 employees.

On the other hand, this step will help the company to increase the audience reach and might become the pattern for other brands. According to the latest figures published in October 2019, almost 93% of all internet traffic comes through search engines.

Google Industry Head of Financial Trading and E-gaming Chris Harrison stated, “For us, regulation is a huge signal and will be the building block of anything we do. We also take into consideration the norms and acceptance of gambling in any given state. We must recognize customer concerns and face those as well. So, it’s far from black or white in terms of opening up and allowing advertisers to use Google’s products and platforms.”

According to the new policy, leading platforms will advertise specific types of promotions and bonuses to players and other benefits to the enthusiasts of online casino gaming.

The influence on US Poker Sites

US poker sites can now take an advantage from highly-effective tools such as Google Ads, YouTube or Google Display Network to gain the new target audience and players.

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· Published 14.11.2019 · last updated 14.11.2019

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