The GG network attracts players to the tables with great promotions worth over half a million dollars in December

December has it all in the ggpoker network. As always, some exciting promotions are waiting for all players who guarantee a lot of extra cash. We took a closer look at the different actions and gave you a little overview of this article so that you know what awaits you at the tables.

Of course, you also get access to our exclusive promotions and special Rakeback deals when you create your player account through one of our three GG partners via YPD.

Our recommendation: Our recommendation is our partner BestPoker. Not only because we have an exceptional Rakeback deal for you there, but also because there are two tickets for each player for the super-soft 1k Welcome Freeroll and even for our $ 100 YPD Freeroll (Every 2 Weeks) We always award 5×22 $ MTT tickets.

For the UK players we recommend GGPoker because this is the only gg skin that accepts players from UK.

Ggpoker Logo Kasten

600$ Bonus/YPD VIP Deal

Bestpoker Logo

2.000€ Bonus/35% Flat Rakeback

Natural8 Logo

600$ Bonus/6k Freerolls+50k Race

300k Rush & Cash Rake Race

The GG network has decided to continue the popular weekly Rush & Cush Races. However, the prize pool of the weekly races is reduced from 400k to 300k, and the paid seats have also been adjusted slightly. Every week there is still a race for each limit, and they run as before, from Sunday to Saturday.

So if you are looking for an exceptional Fast-Fold Poker variant that is a little different from the other providers, then the GG network is the perfect


300k All-In or Fold Race+Bingo

To bring a little bit of action to this in-house variant, GG network has given some thought and started a very special race. A simpler version and more action, there is probably nowhere you go as a player either before the flop all-in directly. Other possibilities exist as the name does not say.

There are a total of four different weekly Leaderboards:

  • NL25/NL50
  • NL100/NL200
  • NL400/NL800
  • NL1000

The process is simple. For every all-in, there is 1 point for the leaderboard, whether you win or lose your hand. So if you fold a lot, you will not achieve much with this promotion. Action is guaranteed.

Also, also AoF Bingo was introduced, which should provide further action and fun.

¥1,000,000 Short Deck Giveaway

¥1,000,000 Short Deck Giveaway

Since October,  there is also Short Deck Holdem in the GG network. To keep the players at the tables, there will be an excellent promotion in December as well. Each player must play 250 hands to get a ticket to the daily all-in giveaway tournament.

All players will automatically be placed all-in with each hand in this tournament until all seats are taken at the end. You do not even have to log in here to participate in the competition because everything is handled automatically.

For short-deck hold’em fans, a great way to win a little extra cash again without doing anything.

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