· Published 16.12.2019 · last updated 16.12.2019

Beware of fake Neteller and Skrill emails

We have heard from some users that there are currently many phishing emails in circulation that are aimed at infecting your computer with some viruses to get to your private data. The emails look real and at first glance, they look like they were actually sent by Neteller or Skrill.

These emails usually say something about the account being blocked for security reasons and that you have to click on a link to confirm your data. It is advisable not to click on any link but log in to your account as normal and see if there is a message there. If something is wrong with your account, a message will appear as soon as you are logged in.

How do I recognize phishing emails?

  • Pay attention to the sender. If you click on the supposed sender above, you may see a completely different email of which the name “Neteller” or “Skrill” was used
  • Pay attention to spelling mistakes in the email
  • It is unusual if the email comes in English when your account was registered in Germany and German as the preferred language of the account. Any email that is sent to you from Neteller or Skrill will always be in your preferred language.
  • Neteller and Skrill will never send you an email to click on any link to get your information
  • For security, always login to your e-wallet account to see if there are any messages.

Keep your eyes open and don’t fold in on such lousy tricks from any fraudster. Follow the points we have given to be on the safer side.

In case of any question concerning this, you can contact us, or preferably Neteller / Skrill directly.

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