Peter Jepsen is set to spend two and a half years in prison

Peter Jepsen is subject of allegation of fraud for 3 yearsProfessional poker player Peter Jepsen has been a regular at high-stakes online poker table, but from now, the Danish poker player will spend the next two and a half years in prison.

Peter Jepsen was sentenced to three years for installing Trojan on the devices of his poker roommates. In addition, the Copenhagen court ordered him to pay a fine of $ 118k and seized property worth $ 3.86 million.

This fact wasn’t mentioned in the case, but almost all of Jepsen’s colleagues stated that he was the main organizer of the fraudulent scheme and was convicted of selling infected laptops to familiar poker players and close friends.

Trojan Virus with the Remote Access

The laptops, which were sold by the adventurous poker player, contained pre-installed Trojan spyware, which allowed the fraudster to see opponents’ cards. A January conviction found that the spyware was repeatedly installed in Copenhagen, Las Vegas, and Berlin.

In addition, Jepsen is charged with several cases of private property intrusions with the intention of installing the virus programs on various devices.

It turned out that eight players from Denmark filed a fraud application back in 2014, while the first mention of such viruses appeared a few years earlier, however, a criminal case was not opened until May of this year.

Court Battle

court battle

This week, the Copenhagen City Court sentenced a professional poker player to three years in prison, but was shortened by 6 months due to a delay in the trial.

According to Danish laws, the identities of the fraudsters were not disclosed, however, it’s not a secret, that Jepsen was definitely among them, as well as an employee of the Danish police of IT department.

In recent years, the poker community has discussed this topic many times. A 2 + 2 forum user wrote: “An anonymous source said that the main suspect person offered to 8 plaintiffs about $ 800,000 in compensation. This proposal was made even before the public became aware of the case.

Three witnesses of the case stated that Jepsen was discussing with them the topic of installing spyware, but the defendant did not agree with their testimonies.

EPT Winning

According to the Hendon Mob resource, Peter Jepsen has $ 604,458 in career awards, with the largest prize of $ 415,679 received for winning the EPT Main Event in Warsaw.

At some point, he even held the record for the largest bank won online – Jepsen won a $ 499,037 pot against Tom Dwan during a session in the $ 500 / $ 1000 NLHE back in 2008.

An interesting detail is that Victor “Isildur1” Bloom also lost a large sum to Jepsen. Many believed that Bloom was also the victim of a Trojan program, but it turned out that Robert “Gulkines” Flink was playing from Peter’s account.

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