transparency is a big problem in online poker

The problem with the lack of transparency

More transparency in online poker is the wish of every player and also of us as one of the leading poker affiliates, but more often, wishes are only wishes. Some things have changed – not everything –  over the years due to different regulations in certain countries.

As a poker player, you will always want to have a transparent VIP system, Rakeback deal, rake information, and all the usual things. It is essential to know that not every poker provider offers an open system for its clients.

The different models of rake calculation are a major problem

Many networks, such as the iPoker Network, Microgaming (MPN), and the GGPoker network, use different models and names to calculate the rake of a player – whether SBR, PVI, or whatever.

In the last few years, it has become natural that most providers punish affiliates and rooms in the poker industry.

Example: Player A constantly generates 1k rake a month, but has a reasonable win rate and regularly withdraws because he is a good player. The network may only be $800 in rake for that player, or just $600 – anything is possible. And of this amount, the poker room and the affiliate are paid.

That’s not all! Regular bonuses from the VIP / Rakeback program, Welcome Bonus, as well as transaction fees are deducted from the rake. Let’s say that the network is only paying $600 rake instead of 1k, and player A gets 50% Rakeback in total, which is the standard rake, i.e. the 1k.

The calculation would be as follows: $ 600- $ 500 = $ 100, the rest of the transaction fees go out for each deposit and withdrawal made by the player. There is not much left, and keep in mind that the player generated 1k of rake. The $100 is shared between the poker room and the affiliate, depending on the deal. The poker room still pays network fees from the amount, and the affiliate usually pays an extra Rakeback through various promotions/deals to the player.

Every poker room and affiliate will benefit if there is transparency in the system

Now we come back to the main topic: transparency. Even though lack of transparency in the system is expected, what is even worse is that nobody the criteria of which everything is calculated. If there were at least clear guidelines, at least one would have a clear basis for calculation and could adapt to it.

The reality is that everything is very opaque. We all know where the money ends up. Of course, part of it is invested in various network promotions and marketing, but that does not justify such high deductions in any way.

Again and again, we receive requests from players who want to know how the whole thing is calculated, and unfortunately we always have to tell them that we do not know. Not even the poker room knows it, and this is appalling.

A casual player is more valuable than a regular at present. Sad but true!

More transparency is possible

We, as an affiliate, preferred providers like PartyPoker, Bwin or Unibet. Why? Simply because we are fully paid and 1k rake, in the end, remains 1k rake.

One must not forget that every poker network receives a certain fee from the poker room. Roughly 5-10% of the rake produced. And then there’s this question: why do some poker providers have to be so greedy with such feeble rake models like SBR and PVI to fill the pockets?

We have to accept our industry as it is, even if we do not approve of many things. We always try to give our community the best possible transparency in all things, and we will continue to communicate openly and directly about everything.

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