Almost 1 Million in different kind of promotions in the gg network

Players in the gg poker network will have a lot of fun in february. As every month, GG comes up with something interesting and so in February. There are again three great promotions and that with three different variants.

In this article we give you a detailed overview of what awaits you in February in the GG network. No matter which site you choose, the promotions are the same, you play at the same tables and against the same players.

Of course you also have access to our exclusive promotions and receive the highest possible Rakeback deals!

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Overview Promotions

400k Rush&Cash Rake Races (Weekly)

Rush & Cash is the in-house Fast-Fold Poker variant of the GG network and this feature offers you lots of action at four different limits. The races start on February 03th and will run until March,02th 2020. If you like maximum action and want to have some extra thrills with the cash drops, Rush & Cash is exactly what you need.

Together with the weekly rake races and the exclusive Rakeback deals from YourPokerDream, Rush & Cash is mega profitable.

The weekly races always run from Monday to Sunday. The rank is based on the number of hands played.

Available Limits:

  • NL2
  • NL10
  • NL50
  • NL200

Get 5 Ante Short Deck Promotion

Of course, a new short deck holdem promotion should not be missing. The equivalent of just under $ 150,000 from 03-29. February 2020 distributed to players in the form of various cash prizes.

For every 100 short deck hands played, the player receives 5 ante until the weekly prize pool is exhausted. It’s that easy. So hurry up before all weekly prizes are awarded, as they are limited.

Ante Weekly Prize Pool Prize (5 Ante) Number of Winners
¥100.00 ¥70,000.00 ¥500.00 140
¥50.00 ¥60,000.00 ¥250.00 240
¥20.00 ¥55,000.00 ¥100.00 550
¥5.00 ¥40,000.00 ¥25.00 1600
¥1.00 ¥25,000.00 ¥5.00 5000

It’s worth taking a look at the short deck tables!The weekly races will take place from Monday to Sunday. The Short-Deck Holdem is a relatively new game type that offers a lot of action due to the reduced card deck, and it attracts a lot of bad players.

300.000$ All-In or Fold (AoF) Gacha Giveaway

All-in or fold (AoF) is a type of game that is only available in the GG Poker network and as the name suggests, there are only two options, a player goes all-in directly or folds his hand.

From February 2nd to March 1st 2020 the AoF Festival will start a special promotion again and a total of 300k will be awarded. You only have to play 150 hands a day to get the chance of a lot of extra cash. You automatically receive a ticket for the daily freeroll as soon as you have played 150 AoF hands on a certain limit. The higher the limit you play, the higher the possible prices.

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