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Rake and Rakeback — are they the keys for success?

If you tackle the whole thing professionally and not just play for your hobby, you need to deal with the topic of rake and Rakeback. It’s only a few percentage fees at first glance, but it is precisely these few percentages that ultimately make the difference, whether you leave the table as a winner or a loser.

Roughly speaking, poker providers do not really take much when it comes to the amount of rake, although there are some decisive differences. 1-2% more or less rake is the same for a professional player, as 1-2 seconds for a professional Formula 1 driver. That sounds very little, but in the end, it makes the difference in who the winner or loser is.

In this article, we dealt with this subject matter and to make everything understandable.

We took a closer look at how much rake a provider takes for the selected variant, the limit, and compared it with other providers. Definitely, the decisive factor here is the state of the player pool. If the player pool is very weak, you can handle 1-2% more rake even better than if you play almost all the time with other regular players.

Are poker sites taking too much rake?

From a player’s perspective, the question would probably always be answered with yes! From the point of view of an affiliate, it is, of course, better at first glance if a provider takes more rake since we are also paid by the rake. In the end, it’s not that simple.

Everything should still work within an acceptable framework. By this, we mean the game has to be beatable and there should also be an acceptable Rakeback / VIP system available.

Let’s take PokerStars as an example. The Rakeback program was completely abolished years ago and the rake was gradually increased for different variants. Some variants were still possible, while others are almost impossible to beat due to the high rake and 0% Rakeback. In this example, it is very negative and totally unacceptable.

PartyPoker / Bwin, on the other hand, takes roughly the same rake as PokerStars, depending on the type of game, a little more, but also offers players a decent Rakeback and VIP program, which makes the whole package acceptable for every player.

It is completely OK if a provider is sometimes forced to increase the rake slightly or to shorten the Rakeback a little, as long as everything takes place in a fair framework and it is transparent. As we have mentioned already, PartyPoker / Bwin is the perfect example of fairness and transparency.


As the name suggests, you have the option of getting part of the paid rake back. Each provider has a special VIP system / Rakeback offer with which players are rewarded depending on the activity. The differences in Rakeback are very big as far as providers are concerned.

Large affiliates like YourPokerDream have the opportunity to offer players very special Rakeback deals and promotions that are of great value to every player. A good Rakeback deal is a must-have these days.

First of all, flat Rakeback deals are the most profitable deals because you get a fixed percentage of your paid rake back, regardless of how much rake you generate. There are such deals and we at YourPokerDream also offer such deals, but this is not possible at every poker room and the deals are very different.

Our recommendation when it comes to rake and Rakeback

First and foremost, we clearly recommend PartyPoker and Bwin because everything there is fair, transparent, and clear for every player. Our exclusive promotions and Rakeback deals are also unbeatable.

If you have an old inactive player account, please contact us, to link your existing account with YPD, so that you can get extra Rakeback and enjoy our exclusive promotions.

Our partners from the gg poker network are definitely not a bad choice either because their player-field is very soft (lots of fish) and the rake is acceptable depending on the variant, especially at the Pot Limit Omaha and Short Deck Holdem tables. The Rakeback deal itself is not bad either and we have very special deals that can bring you a nice extra push. However, the calculation of the rake and the VIP Rakeback program (fish buffet) is a bit tricky and not entirely transparent due to PVI, which we don’t like so much. Nevertheless, the GG network is a good choice due to the many fish there.

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