Lester Edoc, a 38-year-old Manila native won the maiden edition of PokerStars Red Dragon Manilla ₱500,000 Super High Roller for ₱5,222,000 ($102,127) beating Florencio Campomanes in the dazzling Okada Manilla in a resourceful battle that lasted almost 3 hours.

25 talented players participated in the first ten levels of Day 1 5 players going back into the game to create an absolute prize pool of ₱14,113,500 with five players cashing.

“This is one of the best final tables ever!” declared by a very excited Edoc instantly after recording his largest-ever career victory and second-largest career score after being playing at a professional level for twelve years. “I was short-stacked all the way, from nine players until we got to heads-up [chuckles] then became chip leader, then got down to eight big blinds, then came back to win!”

Categorically stating, Edoc’s biggest cash took place about five months ago here in Okada Manila when he ended up the runner-up during the 2019 APPT manila as he was unable to win his final all-in as opposed by Chaofei Wang. From the cash collected here today, the Filipino player will be taken over the $1,000,000-mark as stated by The Hendon Mob. “I think I had the luck this time”, Edoc continued modestly, “I’m very lucky this time but it was a great final table!”

Nang Quang Nguyen, Lei Yu, and Yake Wu, aside from Edoc and Campomanes also cashed in the Super High Roller.

PokerStars Red Dragon Manila a ₱500,00 Super High Roller Results

Place Player Country Prize (PHP) Prize (USD)
1 Lester Edoc Philippines ₱5,222,000 $102,127
2 Florencio Campomanes Philippines ₱3,599,000 $70,386
3 Nang Quang Nguyen Vietnam ₱2,293,000 $44,844
4 Lei Yu China ₱1,658,000 $32,426
5 Yake Wu China ₱1,341,500 $26,236

Start of the Day

From the 30 entries received, eleven players resumed to the felt at 1 p.m local time and in less than 20 minutes, the final table was reached. Lei Yu maneuvered his way to gain an advantage over Meng Li with the higher pocket pair and with Meng Li making tenth place when the remainder of his stack was lost to Yu.  But before the latter left the field, Nguyen eliminated Yufei Hui at the instance when all his chips went over the line on the river with pocket kings. The second of a total of six Chinese players were sent to the rail on day 2 by Nguyen has he held ten-nine suited and had turned a straight.

The Race to the Money

When there were nine players, Minh Le strived to win an all-in immediately but was then beaten by Campomanes when he flopped a set of sixes but the latter had rivered a flush to eliminate Le. Xiao Ling; the only woman to participate in the Super High roller, was Campomanes’ next victim. she strived to win an all-in through Wu but afterward returned the majority of those chips back to him. The remainder of her stack was lost when she shoved with pocket jacks and was called by Campomanes who had tens, turned a set and ultimately improved to a full house.

Weihao Ma had had an average performance for a major part of the later parts of the first day, nonetheless, he won all-in several times, finishing the day knowing that he had a shot for a cut in the prize pool on the final day. He won an all-in through Edoc for a little above four big blinds but later lost them all to Wu in a three-way pot in which Phachara Wongwichit was also included. Then, it was Wu’s turn to have pocket tens to eliminate Ma, therefore leaving Wongwichit behind with almost 18 big blinds.

The Super High Roller was bubbled by Wongwichit when he three-bet shoved his last chips in subsequently when Wu had raised and called with ace-king. Wu hit a runner-runner straight to obtain the min-cash for the remainder of the field whereas, Wongwichit held pocket sixes and flopped a set.

From Five Players to a Winner

Nguyen and Campomanes began at the apex of the chip counts at the kick-off and maintained those throughout most part of the day. Wu left the stage after about an hour when he pushed his stack over the line with jack-ten while Nguyen held tens. Wu was sent to the payout desk to collect a min-cash after he picked up a gutshot on the flop but the straight failed to materialize. Ten minutes after Wu was sent to the payout desk, the last Chinese player in the field was eliminated when Edoc put him at risk. Edoc’s queen-jack who turned a straight could not be beaten by Yu who called with ace-deuce.

After about 90 minutes, Edoc won Nguyen’s whole stacks after the latter had bled chips for a while to make him the short stack. Edoc had found kings in the big blind which enabled him to get Nguyen; who got his last ten big blinds in with queen-seven looked up. Edoc and Campomanes embarked on head-ups play with almost even stacks and they were separated by a difference of just four big blinds.

After an hour, Campomanes won an all-in with a flopped straight against Edoc’s two pair after the chip lead went back and forth several times. The former held to leave the latter behind with almost nine big blinds. But the latter won an all-in twice before the players agreed to discuss a deal. Heads-up play continued because there were unable to agree on numbers.

Edoc’s hard-earned chips were lost again which resulted in another nine big blinds before winning an all-in-one more time on the turn with a gutshot. This indicated the beginning of the Edoc’s rise to the top as he later won a big pot when he flopped top pair, turned two pair, and rivered a full house. Campomanes shoved 15 big blinds in with jack-ten suited and Edoc called with ace-five in the ultimate hand of the night. Edoc jubilated and his rail cheered loudly as there was no help from the board. The two finalists hugged and congratulated each other on the results and they had a few conversations before Edoc was excused from the discussion by all the atmosphere and reception that comes with being the Super High roller champion at Red Dragon Manila first-ever winner.

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