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Poker is one of the most popular table games that players love to try. With the inception of the internet and mobile technology, these games are now available to play on your smartphones and tablet devices. But how exactly do mobile poker apps work, and why has it become so popular over the years? In this article, we will answer these questions. We will also share with you tips to enjoy the best experience playing the card game. Let’s dive right in!

More people are using mobile poker apps and playing poker on mobile phones or tablets. It is now even more popular than ever in 2021. Gone are the days when you only played on a normal computer or laptop, now you have access to the virtual tables from wherever you want, with highly developed and ultra-modern poker apps via a smartphone or tablet.

With the mobile poker apps, you can play the same games as on the desktop version and also against the same players. You can access the same database, regardless of the device the player connects to. Regardless of whether you want to play Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha or tournaments, everything is also possible without any problems via the poker app.

The promotions offered are the same. It is often the case that players who play poker on their smartphones can even enjoy some extra bonuses.

Depending on the poker room, the mobile versions are so sophisticated that you can even play at more than one table if you want to. In 2020, every provider that has or wants to establish himself on the market must also offer a mobile poker app. The differences in quality and design are often very different.

In addition to an iOS version, almost every poker site on the web also has an android poker app. As a player, you have the opportunity to enjoy the virtual action on any mobile phone of your choice.

The criteria of a good poker app?

First and foremost, it should run stably and not hang or jerk. If you want a little of poker action on your mobile phone, you want to have the best possible gaming experience, just like on your computer.

The app should be clear so that it is very easy to find the variant of your choice and take a seat at the table. Nobody wants to search forever and push everything back and forth on the phone to finally find what they want. Of course, the design should also be appealing and pleasant to look at.

It should also be possible to make deposits and withdrawals and get in touch with the live chat support if the poker room offers this option.

Some sites stand out clearly when it comes to poker apps

Even though, as already mentioned, all the big poker rooms offer an app for mobile phones, there are four providers that offer a particularly good mobile app and offer the user a fantastic gaming experience. Of course, we would also like to highlight these poker sites. We have thoroughly tested all apps and can highly recommend these four providers.

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Why Mobile Poker Apps are so Popular

One of the reasons poker apps are so popular is that they are easy to use. Before the existence of online casino gambling, players often need to travel several miles to a land-based betting infrastructure just to play poker. And in some cases, they may have to wait several hours for their turn at the tables. With online poker apps, you can be in the comfort of your home and play. In addition, since the apps are on your mobile devices, you can play them on the go without having to stay glued to your computer screen.

Poker Apps and Bonuses

Another benefit of mobile poker apps that makes them more popular is that they offer incredible bonuses. At a land-based casino, you can only get rewards in the form of complimentary drinks or food. However, online operators offer bonuses such as free chips to players when they play through their app.

Participation in Tournaments

While it is true that there are poker tournaments played at land-based casinos, players can even participate in more tournaments when they play the game online. Participating in these tournaments can give you a chance to share in a prize pool. Additionally, you will also get to play against other players from different parts of the world and time zones.

Privacy and Security on the Best Poker App

Unlike land-based casinos where you may be attacked, and your winnings stolen, playing on poker apps comes with security and privacy. No one will know your address or trace you to your home when you win big at the tables. In addition, you don’t need to worry about other players peeping at your cards since they are not physically present where you are. The best poker sites secure their platforms with high-end technologies like SSL encryption protocols to ensure that players’ personal and financial information does not fall into the wrong hands.

How Mobile Poker Apps Work

The way mobile poker apps work is pretty simple. These apps are provided by betting sites, and they may be available for iOS or Android devices or both. To start using the app, you will need to install it either from the betting site or your App Store. After that, you can create or log in to your account and start playing different variations of poker.

Mobile Poker Apps and RNG

There are some regular poker games that you can play against computers. These games use random number generators (RNG) to ensure that the chance of you getting a particular card is the same as others. This way, the games are fair, and you have the opportunity to win as with everyone else. However, live poker games that you can play against other players do not need an RNG. A human dealer deals the cards, and with the help of technology, you can see it on your device’s screen as if you are streaming a video.


Poker is an interesting game, and with mobile poker apps, it is pretty easy to play. You can play on the go and enjoy different kinds of bonuses when you choose top operators. No wonder poker apps have become more popular over the years. However, when choosing a poker app, always do your homework and ensure it offers the best services.

FAQ Poker App

Can I play for real money on my mobile phone?

Of course! You can play with almost any poker site for real money with an iOS or android mobile phone. Either via a special mobile browser version or via an app.

Do you get a special bonus when playing with a mobile device?

As a rule, every player has the same bonuses, regardless of whether they see on a normal computer or on a mobile phone. But it happens from time-to-time; there are special offers for players who are playing with a smartphone.

Is it better to play on the computer or on the mobile phone?

Both versions have their own advantages. For players who like to play a large number of tables at the same time, it is better for them to play on PC. For those who only play 1-2 tables at a time and simply want to start a small session from anywhere, a poker app is an advantage.

Are Poker Apps Safe?

Definitely! The security via the mobile phone is on the same standard as if you were playing over the normal desktop version. All providers place the greatest emphasis on the fact that you actually notice no difference between PC and poker app.

How do I get such a poker app?

You can always find the download function on the website of the respective provider.

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