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Poker backing is an integral part of modern poker. However, the majority of the deals between poker players and backers are fixed only through words. There is no official background and the legal force accordingly. Not everyone considers such agreements secured, especially nowadays, since relevant resonant cases arose last year.

One of the cases, which was given publicity, is the situation with Maurice Hawkins. It was revealed that Maurice Hawkins, a professional tournament player from the USA, who won more than ten WSOP Circuit rings owed a debt for $100,000 to the backers. Since he stated that he was not going to give it back, poker backers filed a suit against him. The case is still under trial.

Nick Markington, who played at the ME WSOP final table, became the object of another controversial deal. The player refused a deal while still participating in a poker tournament. In his case, his sponsors also sued him, but Nick won the case.

Taking into these scenarios into account, and other similar cases, the organizers of the PartyPoker Live series have decided to legitimize such deals and transfer backing to the official round. Now, agreements between poker players and backers can be concluded officially at the box office of a gambling establishment, and PartyPoker will act as a guarantor. In this case, such transactions, as well as the parties, will be legally protected.

How to back up through PartyPoker Live

If a poker player and a backer decide to make a deal, then on the official series from PartyPoker, you can conclude a back up in a matter of minutes. Both parties of the agreement must fill out a form that clarifies all the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Such a deal may also be issued online. To perform a back up through PartyPoker Live, the following data should be included:

  • The player’s name, date of birth, e-mail and the tournament name
  • Sponsor’s name, date of birth, email and contact number
  • The information about the player and backer`s shares including the all possible expenses

The filled application should be sent to Partypoker by email. At the checkout, the manager will ask you to put your signatures in copies. Once that is done, the deal is considered conducted.

Nevertheless, this procedure is not mandatory. If players are satisfied with concluding their transactions in words, then they can continue to do so in this way.

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