GGPoker and the gg network itself has been on everyone’s lips for months. Within a few years, the GG network developed into the world’s largest poker network. Again, this network has numerous skins, which many from them come from Asia.  But GGPoker is by far the largest poker room in the network.

It wasn’t until the end of 2019 that GGPoker caused a sensation through the signing of the Hall of Fame member Daniel Negreanu as a brand ambassador, who is without a doubt one of the most famous and popular players in the world. Certainly, it is the right step in terms of marketing strategy and alignment.

The welcome bonus at GGPoker is not understandable

There are certainly many positive things to say about GGPoker, but there are also things that are a little strange about it. Let’s take the Welcome Bonus as an example, which has been changed three times in the last 6 months. The network doesn’t give a quick notice— not even for us as an affiliate. Sometimes, the network changes the amount of the bonus and play rate it offers. Of course, they are in the position to make decisions, but sending a circular email to all partners before making drastic changes should be the right thing to do.

In the meantime, they are giving away 200% up to $600 as a pending first deposit bonus. As far as the playback rate is concerned, there is still no information available as of today (08.01.2020). You know what you get as a welcome bonus, but not how it is played. The question arises whether it is really so difficult to insert a sentence on the homepage, to let everyone know how much rake you have to earn and the steps to which the bonus is released.

To solve the puzzle, the bonus at GGPoker has an incredible play rate. The player gets $10 from the bonus for every $20 PVI rake. That’s an incredible 50% Rakeback! We thought it was a mistake until we were told that everything was correct.

For every player, this is great news, as you are every player has the opportunity to take the 50% extra Rakeback. There is also the Fish Buffet program, as well as various network promotions. You cannot complain as a player.

For us as an affiliate, everything looks a little bit different again, due to the high welcome bonus, fish buffet, and fees. We make losses on some players as long as the bonus is running. Of course, this is not only true for us, but for all affiliates, since they are paid by the Netrake and if it is in the minus, the affiliate pays its share. As soon as the welcome bonus is gone, it will look normal again.

Why does GGPoker set its bonus higher than the competition, and does the strategy makes sense?

If you compare the welcome bonus with the competition, you will notice that it has 30% more value than any other. With Natural8, there is 100% up to $1,688, but with BestPoker, every player automatically receives $ 2,000. The playback rate is 20% in each case!

Nobody would complain and say something if GGPoker had the same bonus as the other providers. The question is, does it really matter that much and does it bring such great added value to the bonus? Of course, it definitely brings more registrations for the moment, which every player who knows a little bit and is concerned, recognizes the high value of the bonus and first registers with GGPoker to play the bonus. Once the bonus is played, it often goes directly to Natural8 and BestPoker. This is exactly the problem that many regulars face at GGPoker. Most players switch to another GG network skin to unlock the next bonus. They will stay there for a long time since, apart from the welcome bonuses, there is actually no difference.

All providers have the same player pool, Rakeback program (fish buffet), and network promotions—  so why switch back to GGPoker? In our opinion, the strategy cannot really work and it is a waste of money.

Are the direction and strategy right for the future?

Apart from the questionable welcome bonus, GGPoker perfectly works fine. It is assumed that there will be further surprises in 2020 and beyond. No doubt, everyone in the poker community would be interested in improved service and product, which underlines Daniel Negreanu’s commitment as an ambassador and the many Twitch streamers.

GGPoker has the potential to make a difference and change the online poker market a little.

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