We took a closer look at the monthly network promotions of the GG Network

There is no denying that the GGPoker Network invests a lot in various network promotions every month. There is a minimum of $500,000 every month and currently around $800,000. Of course, it sounds good, but does it really benefit all players?

The monthly standard includes weekly Rush & Cash Races— the in-house Fast-Fold variant of the GG network. Fast-Fold Poker is very popular and so it makes sense to have a promo like this. The payout structure of the race was adjusted recently so that the races can be profitable and offer added values to players. There are also four different races depending on the limit so that every player has a fair chance. Definitely, a great monthly promo for grinders.

GG Poker has been introducing Short Deck Holdem / Six + Holdem for a few months now. Understandably, you would like to push this variant a little and therefore it makes sense to offer an extra promotion. However, the current promotion is not really well thought out and only brings very few players. Since it is assumed that there will be a new short deck promo next month, one can only hope that it is planned a little better beforehand. It has to be mentioned that the least amount of money is inverted and the promos have an average value of around $50,000-100,000.

It has also become so common for 3 months that there are monthly races/promos for the in-house AoF (All-In or Fold). As if it’s not bad enough, there is a bingo variant that is only about gaming; so you also have to churn in 200-300k every month. Of course, this attracts some fish, and even some regulars can play the whole thing profitably with difficulty. But does that have to be?

NLH and PLO players are clearly disadvantaged

Recently, we found that there are a lot of nice promotions every month and a minimum of $500,000 a month. The normal Texas Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha cash game player thinks well. The last promotion of the GG network for No Limit Holdem was almost 1 year ago and also PLO players had the last promotion about half a year ago. It would not be that bad if it weren’t for the single issue with the PVI. PVI is used at normal cash game tables and affects every player.

It also implies that the GG Network earns extra money for every good player through the PVI. Nevertheless, it would be fair to use this money for various network promotions as it should be. GG Network only uses PVI for promotions, but PLO and NLH players get a little bit rewarded when everything is pumped into other variants. It is essential to note that the PVI on the Short-Deck and All-In or Fold (AoF) tables are not used at all. It means that the PLO and NLH players pay for the promotions used by other variants. You don’t have to talk big, because it is exactly the same and not different!

Of course. the field of players is very soft and there are some arguments to play in the GG network, but that does not justify the selection of the monthly promotions. It would only be fair if there were finally some promotions for all Texas Holdem and Pot-Limit Omaha players.

We have already mentioned the whole thing and we can only hope that it will be implemented.

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