Dear Community,

unfortunately, we have to inform you that there exist some issues with Natural8. As you know we are usually very patient but now we feel that we need to give a warning out. Natural8 did not pay us our monthly affiliate commission and we hear for 5 days different excuses what is very unusual. We are very sad that we have to give a warning out because we know Natural8 as a very good partner and it is the first time that we have such issues and hope it will be sorted out soon.

Because of our experience from the past with other sites, we know that this is a bad sign and because of this, we recommend all players stop to play at Natural8 for the moment and choose another site to play, for example our partner sites GGPoker or BestPoker. It is totally unacceptable that a BTC payment takes longer than 24-48h. Other sites like GGPoker do it within 24h and most of the time it takes only around 12h.

Please inform us immediately if you have any issues with a requested withdraw at Natural8 and did not receive it yet. It does not matter by email, skype or via our forum.

We will keep you updated and let you know immediately when all is solved.

Best regards

YourPokerDream Team

Update: 09.02.2020 18:18 They promised us that someone will be in touch with us to give an explanation about the situation. After 8h still nobody contacted us and of course no payment. Anyway, we don’t need that someone contacts us. They only need to process a simple payment as it should be. We worry that also players will not receive their withdraws as it should be if even we as partner don’t receive it.  We have a bad feeling!

Update: 10.02.2020 12:10 Someone from the affiliate team has contacted us and gave us the following statement “regarding your current withdrawal, it is currently being processed. We truly apologize for the delay as the finance team has received many requests and they are working hard to vet every request to ensure that all withdrawals meet the requirements put in place. I assure you that you will receive it once the finance team has made the necessary arrangements. ”  Unfortunately we hear this for days.

Today is Day 6! Even if they receive many requests it can never take 6 days…. There is definitely a money problem, there is no other explanation.

Update: 10.02.2020 17:30: Natural8 paid on Day 6 and we hope that this unpleasant situation for everybody was just an exception because it never happened before. We can give now green light to play at Natural8! We don’t think so but in case you have any problems with your withdrawal in the future, please be in touch with us.




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· Published 09.02.2020 · last updated 10.02.2020

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