Partypoker crash during the Sunday tournament

partypoker server crash during the Subday tournament

In a similar case as that of Storm Ciara bombarding the UK and beyond, the Sunday grind was a victim of events beyond its control as a server crashed, destroying Millions day 2 and some other events.

It was made obvious that it was not only Partypoker that was affected, also, but Rob Yong has also been working relentlessly for more than a year to ensure that the red diamond site is found high up amongst the very best.

And that, of course, signifies that he had both good and bad experiences and Yong eventually managed to see some humor in all this disaster as he narrowly escaped with the timing of a recent poll!

Moments before the server went down on Sunday, Yong hits one major poker talking point of the past few years and that was the issue of Rakeback grinders.

Yong made a statement on Twitter that “I personally think multi-table grinders who in the main break even/ small loss but live off Rakeback are supporting the site & getting compensation for putting their hours in

He also added; “ I see it as a cost of having liquidity for site & a wage for players”.

This has been a major cause for argument ever since PokerStars pulled off the unimaginable as they cut off their own SuperNova and SuperNovaElite grinders midway through the qualifying period some years ago which eventually lead to the outcry and strikes against the site.

This has eventually resulted in a challenging situation for the players, and a major part of them wants to support partypoker and some other sites who appear to have the players’ interest behind each of their actions, but loving Stars is at a major advantage because of their solid platform.

CEO, Phil Nagy has something similar to Yong as he appears to be constantly looking for creative and innovative ways to create a long-lasting idea for poker players, and he has this week called for a ‘summit’ of all sites’ top leaders.

Everyone’s expectation is that solutions would be proffered to all the server’s problems and the problems will be resolved in the shortest possible time, so that by next week, as usual, we will be back with the best of the weekend online action!

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