The GGPoker network has also added the long-awaited Spin & Go / Jackpot tournaments to its portfolio

As of today there is a lot of action at the Spin & Gold SNG tables in the ggpoker network. Many have been waiting for it and now the time has come. The gg network has grown rapidly and is now the clear number 2 behind PokerStars in terms of the number of cash game players. Since 28.02.2020, the popular Spin & Go SNG are online and GG will be like always also a perfect place for all spins player.

Right at the beginning there is a firework because in addition to the normal fish buffet rakeback program (the highest level brings an average of 50% rakeback),  gg gives all players a special extra promotion in which you can fulfill various promotions, which then bring up to 60% extra rakeback on the top. Not to forget that YourPokerDream also pays a lot extra through very special rakeback deals for Spin & Gold players.

More than 100% rakeback is possible with the new Spin & Gold SNGs

At first glance it sounds too good to be true, but that’s exactly how it is. The special missions that bring players up to 60% extra rakeback make the difference. Even without the missions, our exclusive deal would easily contain 65-75% rakeback, but this great network promotion is the cherry on the cake.

Of course, one might ask the question of how anyone can earn anything if players get more rake back than was paid. Clearly, this cannot work in the long run, you don’t have to be a math genius to recognize this. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that this extra promotion will run for a long time. We estimate that this will run for a maximum of 2-3 months. The trick behind it is that the money for this promotion comes from a special advertising budget. Much of it comes from the PVI rake model, to be honest, which player affects while playing at the normal cash game tables. By the way, PVI is not used for the Spin & Gold SNGs and 100% of the rake generated is counted!

Get one of our exclusive Flat Rakeback Deals, which are specially tailored to Spin & Go players. Our deals are definitely the highest in the entire GG Network!

Our recommendation: BestPoker because we have a very special deal there.

For players from UK only GGPoker is available!

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Expectations are high, the format needs some improvement

The spins in the GG network should become an integral part and attract numerous players from all over the world. As always, GG stands out a bit from the other providers, but not with everything. We have analyzed certain points a little more closely and compared them with the competition.

Buy Ins: GG has certainly not done itself a favor here. $ 1, $ 5, $ 20 and $ 50 are offered as buy-ins and especially the jump from $ 5 to $ 20 is too high for some players. The question arises why it failed to include also a $ 10 buy-in. Something similar can also be observed at Rush & cash where there is also a jump from Nl50 directly to Nl200. It remains to be seen whether this will remain the case or you may decide to add another buy-in.

Rake: As far as rake is concerned, 7% is within the normal range. On the $ 1-5 buy-ins this is very good, but at the 20 and 50$ buy ins 6% would be much better and also enough. Well, the high rakeback of course makes the life much more easy.

Rakeback: Especially at the beginning with this extra hammer promotion it is of course unbeatable. Thanks to our VIP flat rakeback deals and missions, 100-120% rakeback is quite easy. You won’t find that anywhere!

Chipstacks and blind levels: Here too, the 2x multiplier was definitely not a favor. Blind levels of 1 minute each and 10BB as a stack at the beginning? You should urgently adjust that because a 2x multiplier is almost like a flip tournament.

Additional functions: As always, GG has added a bit of gimmickry, such as insurance against 2x multipliers. We’ll leave it in the room to see if that makes sense. It’s just gimmick for any gambler.

Probabilities multipliers: Here you have actually taken over the same as with Stars and PartyPoker, which is good.

Player field made up of regulars and fish

The fact that numerous regulars are at the Spins tables is not really a big surprise and was to be expected. Of course it is much too early to carry out a detailed analysis, but you can assume that the player field will be significantly weaker in the next few months than for example at PartyPoker. Especially the fish from Asia, which can be found in large numbers in the GG network, will do their part to make the player pool very soft.

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