After months of planning, the new Spin & Go variant is ready to go

Good news to all SNG fans. The popular gg network has planned for the next software update on February 28, 2020, the introduction of the long-awaited jackpot SNGs (spins), which is called Spin & Gold. Multiply your buy-in by up to 12,000 within a few minutes, as this will be possible on the GG network shortly.

Like always the gg network includes a few special features:

  • Structure: Dynamic Chip stacks and Blind levels based on Multiplier!
  • Insurance: Protect against the pesky bottom multiplier, if you hit the 2x multiplier, you will instantly receive your buy-in back.
  • Board Squeeze: This will be activated on the river card only. Looking for that one outer or hoping to fade your opponents outs? Squeeze that card and hope!

GG network currently only offers various cash game variants such as Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha or Short Deck Holdem, and multi-table tournaments. SNG tournaments are still missing in the portfolio but that will change very soon.

As usual, the games are played with 3 players and in the super turbo mode. Lots of action is guaranteed and with a bit of luck, you can win the jackpot if the wheel stops at the top.

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For players from UK only GGPoker is available!

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How profitable will the Spin & Gold SNGs be in the GG network?

The Spin & Go tournaments attract most casual players due to the high profit opportunities and the super turbo format. Unfortunately a lot of sites offer almost no acceptable rakeback anymore or increased the rake, thus making it difficult to beat the high limits on other sites.

Many players are eagerly waiting for the spins in the GG network to go online. The player-field at the network is known to have lots of fish and one can assume that this will not be any different with the Jackpot SNGs. When it comes to rakeback, the GG Poker network is at the forefront too. It But at the moment, we currently do not have no further information on how high the rake will be.  In terms of the number of players, the Jackpot SNGs certainly hits like a bomb!

How are the limits and payouts?

There exists four different buy ins: 1$, 5$, 20$, 50$. The rake is at all buy ins 7%! Possible that GG will mmaybe make some adjustmens in future.

Multiplier Price 1$/5$/20$/50$ Buy Ins
2x 2$/10$/40$/100$
3x 6$/30$/60$/150$
5x 5$/25$/100$/250$
10x 10$/50$/200$/500$
25x 25$/75$/500$/1.250$
120x 120$/600$/2.400$/6.000$
240x 240$/1.200/$4,800/12.000$
12000x 12.000$/60.000$/240,000$/600.000$

Probabilities of Winning

Multiplier Frequency
12000 1 in 1,000,000
240 30 in 1,000,000
120 75 in 1,000,000
25 1,000 in 1,000,000
10 5,000 in 1,000,000
5 85,000 in 1,000,000
3 444,012 in 1,000,000
2 464,882 in 1,000,000

Blind Levels and Starting Chips

Rakeback Spin & Gold SNG

Spin Gold Challanges
Spin Gold Challenge 1

All players participate in the normal Fish Buffet rakeback program in the highest VIP level with an average of 50% rakeback. As always, the GG network came up with something special and so did the in-house Spin & Go variant. You can complete different missions and get extra rakeback( Up to 60%).

And of course you will receive a lot of extra rakeback through our exclusive VIP Rakeback Deals if you sign up at one of our gg partners sites.

These missions are known as “mining gold”. You can easily select them with one click and you will be asked how long you want to play. 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 5 hours or 8 hours.

Once you’ve selected that, you can choose from six different missions and get extra rakeback once you’ve completed that mission. Depend on your vip status you have different missions which bring up to 60% extra Rakeback!

You have to collect a certain amount of gold in each mission. Gold is automatically collected depending on the placement at the end of the SNG. According to the first information, a player must collect between 700 and 27,000 gold to receive between $ 1.60-120 cash.

It is currently not clear whether there will be further challenges and the whole thing will be adapted.

Gold Payouts depend on the buy in and result

Buy-in 1. Pace 2. Place 3. Place
$50 150 Gold 100 Gold 50 Gold
$20 60 Gold 40 Gold 20 Gold
$515  15 Gold 10 Gold 5 Gold
$1  3 Gold  2 Gold 1 Gold
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· Published 13.02.2020 · last updated 27.02.2020

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