The big event of the 2020 WSOP Super Circuit Series with $200,000 guaranteed, $525 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event kicked off at 2.00 p.m. yesterday – Sunday, March 29. At the time when registration closed nearly four hours after the first digital cards were made; about 1,134 entries had been made with 763 unique players and 371 re-entries. Due to these, the prize pool increased to $567,000, beating the guarantee by $367,000.

Champie ‘Kiddchamp’ Douglas Wins WSOP Main Event

The player field had a big battle and it took 12 hours and 28 minutes to narrow the field, in which Champie ‘Kiddchamp’ Douglas won the event with his first WSOPC gold ring and the top prize of $134,410.

Douglas emerged victorious against a stacked final table to win his title. He won the 2017 WSOP main event champion Scott “2Due4U” Blumstein secure the grand prize.

Furthermore, the two-time WPT Champion Brian “JackBogle” Altman took home $34,020 as the fourth-place finisher, after he won the third event of this series for or $32,781. It is important to know that the 2016 WSOP main event runner up Gordon “Veilleux” Vayo won fifth place and he went home with $28,350 making it the fourth time to cash out.

Furthermore, David “dwpoker” Williams got himself a cash prize of about $22,680 as the sixth-place finisher. However, other notable poker players in the event to make deep runs include Eric “circleball” Baldwin (10th – $5,670), Ryan ‘adopt_adogg0’ Leng (16th – $3,402), Katie “katelin” Lindsay (32nd – $1,644), Nipun ‘javatini’ Jaca (46th – $1,304), and Ari ‘Phil Ivey’ Engel (55th – $1,247).

Here is a quick summary awarded at the Event #16 final table of the event:

Rank Player Payout
1 Champie ‘kiddchamp’ Douglas $130,410
2 Scott ‘2Due4U’ Blumstein $68,890
3 Gage ‘greypoupon’ Doyne $45,360
4 Brian ‘JackBogle’ Altman $34,020
5 Gordon ‘veilleux’ Vayo $28,350
6 David ‘dwpoker’ Williams $22,680
7 Marcus ‘mjl56’ Laffen $16,443
8 Robert ‘Bob_Loblaw’ Brown $10,206
9 Jose ‘deposit’ Noboa $7,371

Before the main event began, a trio of tournament closed over the weekend. Again about 16 of the 18 gold-ring events are now in the books the $1,240,000 in series-long guarantees has now been surpassed by more than $2.2 million. with $3,480,795 in total prize money awarded.

WSOP Online Super Circuit Series Current Points Standings

The Online Super Circuit Series will run through March 31 and at the end, more than $1,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools will have been awarded.

Additionally, the 18 events do count for the Global Casino Championship leaderboard points standings. Here are the current Top 10 standings through 15 events:

Place Player Points Rings Cashes Earnings
1 Matt Stout 140 1 6 $122,389
2 Jonathan Dokler 107.5 1 7 $124,200
3 James Carroll 95 0 5 $71,025
4 Brian Sherrier 87.5 0 5 $44,385
5 Eric Vanauken 80 0 4 $57,180
6 Chad Layne 77.5 1 4 $41,375
7 Andrew Dean 75 1 5 $56,803
8 Thomas Maguire 72.5 1 5 $28,503
9 Calvin Anderson 70 0 4 $38,933
10 Sang Lee 67.5 1 4 $39,298
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