Is the big catch-up coming at the first Phil Galfond Challenge?

For a long time, the first challenge against Venividi1993 was on the brink. The minus after his disastrous downswing and 13 lost sessions turned out to be so big that there was even a break in the duel. At that time, 9,927 PLO hands had been played with blinds of € 100 / € 200 and Galfond was already behind with over € 900,000. The poker world was really worried about his mindset.

The break did him good and Phil Galfond came back impressively in the middle of the week in the first challenge. After a break for a few days during which Galfond analyzed the situation, he was able to make a remarkable comeback on Wednesday, making a profit of € 182,582 in just 573 hands and reducing the total loss to € 717,658. The biggest pot in this session was just under € 60,000. The winning session is the second-largest so far during the entire duel and is only topped by Venividi’s run on February 7, when he ended the day with a win of € 267,949.

Around 11,000 hands out of a total of 25,000 have been played so far, so it’s not even half time. If the tide turns now and Phil Galfond gets into a run, he could avert the impending defeat in the day, which would be an incredible comeback when you look at the beginning of the challenge. However, Venividi is not a bad player and he should be in a downswing similar to Galfond. But we know that everything is possible.

While the last winning session caused a lot of enthusiasm in the poker scene, Phil Galfond reacted very modestly and calmly as usual:

After the 25,000 PLO hands played were played in the event, Galfond leaves the table as a loser, the sidebet in the amount of € 200,000 would also be due. If Phil did the impossible, Venividi would have to pay € 100,000 to Galfond.

We look forward to the outcome of the first challenge and the many others that will follow in 2020. Among others against Bill Perkins, Brandon Adams, Chance Kornuth and ‘ActionFreak’. There are also duels with Daniel Cates and Luke Schwartz in the room, where no further details have yet been determined.

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· Published 07.03.2020 · last updated 08.03.2020

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