unibet reduces rake for the cash games

Unibet, one of the top European online poker operators, recently announced new conditions for both rake and caps for its cash tables. This decision is based on the wishes and appeals of players and will affect the limits from €4 to €25 for pot-limit Omaha, as well as at the limits from €4 to €50 for NL Hold’em. These changes will take effect from 1 April, 2020.

Here’s a quick summary of the changes to come:

  • Significantly lower rake on NL25
  • Significantly lower rake on NL50
  • Slightly lower rake on PL10 and PL25 (small change)
  • Higher rake on NL10, NL4 and PL4
  • The table cap is reduced from 8 to 6 tables on NL4

The rake percentage at other limits of Hold’em and Omaha remains at the same level.

The sizes of rake’s caps at the limits from €4 to €50 will also be changed:

Limits Previous cap New cap
NLH €4 €1 €0,5
PLO €4 €1 €0,5
NLH €10 €2 €1
PLO €10 €2 €1,5
NLH €25 €3 €2
PLO €25 €3 €2,5
NLH €50 €3 €2

Unibet representatives stated that they believe that the implemented changes will have a positive impact on the ecology and benefits everyone.

Why the rake at NL4, PL4 and NL10 was increased?

According to the announcement about the reducing the rake for stakes, the rake at NL4, PL4 and NL10 was also increased. Despite the increase, the rake on these stakes is still really good, and NL4 still remains the industry best.

«We believe that the rake at NL4 is almost too good today, in the sense that it gives little incentive to move up in stakes, and the stake becomes much tougher and not as great a place for new players to start out, as we want. This is also why we’ve reduced the table cap on NL4 from 8 to 6 tables. We’ll monitor the impact of the table cap, and if it has the desired effect, we might lower it further to 4 tables».

Increasing the rake for the micro limits will untie the operator`s hands to introduce more promotions and races in order to make the game more appealing.

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