· Published 07.04.2020 · last updated 07.04.2020

It is always frightening how many people shouldn’t be doing any form of gambling

There is nothing that our support team has not experienced, but you are always surprised and sometimes shocked by the behavior and ignorance of many players.

If you knew what stories players tell us almost every day – how well they play, how much they win and much more, you will be amazed. For one thing, we are not interested at all and some of us cannot think so far that we see their statistics. It is more than amusing when someone tells us that he runs like crazy every month, but he is only paying in.

The imagination knows no limits

Also, it’s always amusing when we receive requests from players who need a part of their Rakeback, although they are the absolute crushers at the tables. The reason is that you have made a big payment and spread it to other sites and do not want to deposit now. It’s just a shame that the player hasn’t been paid out in ages.

Whatever happens, we are asked to advance some money because the player at poker room XY has a payout that is pending, but he wants to deposit elsewhere.

Some people come up with things that make them speechless. Of course, they will never speak to anyone or ask why they get so much strange time

Please don’t get us wrong, we are far from judging anyone and we value every player. But the question arises whether such players should play online poker or in the casino. We would say no!

It is always a classic when people tell us, without being asked, that everything is cheating. It is interesting when we look at the stats that the player has donated himself with the run of his life from €100 to 1k. Starting at NL10, then directly on NL25, on NL100, and on NL200, the 5 stacks were unfortunately gone after 3 hours. But of course, it is the poker room’s fault that it worked so well before and now it no longer does.

More players suffer from gambling addiction than you think

This subject of gambling addiction is often swept under the carpet, but the story has changed. Of course, professional players are happy when other players keep depositing nicely, but that’s not healthy for many. Here, it makes no difference to us whether someone simply does not play poker well and loses everything, or whether he actually plays poker very well, but always loses in casino side-games in tilt mode. The result is the same!

Unfortunately, many people do not know when the end, and even if it is good for the market itself when new money is always flushed in, such people should not play. But here you have to honestly say that nobody is interested, so whether a normal casino has ever locked anyone on their own before losing their home and yard, as long as money is in the till everyone is satisfied.

Of course, it is also a very difficult topic and a casino or a poker room does not know the financial situation of a player. one assumes that a person of legal age is only able to cope with so much. Unfortunately, the reality is different.

Does an affiliate like YourPokerDream have to worry about player behavior?

We are only an intermediary and have nothing to do with normal game operations and any transactions and funds that are won/lost. Of course, we respect the privacy of our players and don’t ask big questions about profits/losses or how they are financially structured.

The providers are obliged to monitor the gaming behavior of the players and, if necessary, to impose any limits. This has happened twice and two players have been banned from playing at PartyPoker / Bwin.

We were very surprised about this step because we assumed that it was an experienced regular who also made good profits from online poker. Only much later did we learn that the player lost all poker winnings in the casino and the end, we were even horrified to find that he had used very illegal means to continue playing and to get the appropriate funds. Since legal steps and a criminal complaint from the poker room are currently underway in this matter, we are unfortunately not allowed to go into more detail.

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